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FREE email address and
private registration

$0.99 /first year then $14.99/year

.com Domain offer for new customers

  • .ca $9.99 /yr 1st year, then $14.99/year
  • .com $0.99 /yr 1st year, then $14.99/year
  • .org $0.99 /yr 1st year, then $24.99/year
  • .online $4.99 /yr 1st year, then $39.99/year
  • .co $6.99 /yr 1st year, then $39.99/year
  • .club $0.99 /yr 1st year, then $14.99/year
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1&1 MyWebsite

Set Yourself Apart, Create Your Own Website!

  • No experience necessary
  • For all industries: 20 million images, design and text templates
  • Domain included
starting at $0.99/month

1&1 Hosting

Next Level Hosting

  • Anytime scalability
  • Now with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1
  • SSL certificate, DDoS protection and geo-redundancy included
starting at $0.99/month

Microsoft Office 365

NEW: Be more productive with Microsoft Office

  • Everywhere you are: Use Office 365 locally or in the cloud
  • Whether on your PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • For up to 5 devices per user with just one license
starting at $5.99/month

1&1 WP Hosting

Optimized packages for WordPress projects

  • EASY setup
  • Full SSD for storage and databases
  • NEW DDoS protection
starting at $0.99/month

1&1 Servers

Powerful performance for every need

Cloud Server: Includes a $100 starting credit!

  • NEW: Plesk ONYX
  • Superior security
  • 24/7 expert support
  • 300 Gbit/s connectivity
starting at $9.99/month

1&1 ListLocal

Be the answer to an online search

  • Get a professional listing for your business, in all the main online directories and navigation systems
  • Reap the rewards with customer reviews
  • Quick and easy central management
starting at $9.99/month

1&1 Online Store

Sell successfully online

  • Simple layouts with professional design templates
  • Seamless ordering process with the most important methods of payment and delivery included
  • Connection to online marketplaces: eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and more
starting at $9.99/month
1&1 Prinzip
  • MyWebsite Packages

    • MyWebsite
      starting at $0.99/month
  • Hosting

    • Hosting - Linux
      starting at $0.99/month
    • Hosting - Windows
      starting at $0.99/month
    • WordPress Hosting
      starting at $0.99/month
    • Managed Cloud Hosting
      starting at $9.99/month
  • Servers

    • Cloud Servers
      starting at $9.99/month
    • Dedicated Servers
      starting at $40/month
    • Virtual Server Cloud
      starting at $1/month
    • Bare Metal Server
      starting at $69.99/month
    • Container Cluster
      starting at $0/month
  • Domains

    • Domain Name Registration
      starting at $0.99/year
    • Domain Transfer
      Transfer your domain to 1&1
  • eCommerce

    • Online Store
      starting at $9.99/month
    • List Local
      starting at $9.99/month
  • Mail & Office Products

    • 1&1 Mail Basic
      starting at $0.99/month
    • 1&1 Mail Business
      starting at $4.99/month
    • HiDrive Cloud Storage
      starting at $3/month


  • What is a hoster?

    A hoster is a provider of internet services that offers customers server resources, computing power and other services for a fee. With providers like 1&1, modern, secure and high-performing data centers are the core of various services such as online storage space, domain reservation and e-mail. As a hoster, 1&1 offers the complete infrastructure for its customers' online presence such as websites, blogs, apps or online shops. Hosters are often differentiated according to certain aspects of the service they offer either as a domain hoster, a webhost or a homepage hoster.
  • How do I use 1&1 as a hoster for my website or my online shop?

    With a professional webhoster like 1&1, it is easier and cheaper than ever before to make data available over the internet and to rent webspace for private or professional purposes. For just a small monthly fee, customers will receive as much storage space as their project requires, as well as round-the-clock service – including domains and e-mail addresses. And of course, your webspace will remain advertisement-free with 1&1 as your hoster. This is not always the case with free providers, with whom the range of functions and maximum storage space is usually also limited. Try our tailor-made services for one month with no commitments and let us convince you of the features, the quality and the service that customers enjoy with 1&1 as a hoster. If you change your mind, you can easily get your money back after the first 30 days – without even providing a reason.

    Thanks to Click&Build, just one click is all it takes to install the CMS (Content Management System) of your choice – for example, as a basis for a private blog, a company homepage or an online shop. Additionally, users can take advantage of the convenient website builder, with which one can create their own website in no time and choose from numerous design templates. No previous knowledge is required. Users can easily edit images and texts and add them to the site. Your website will already be optimized for all devices such as smartphones and tablets. A host of different expert features are available to professionals familiar with PHP or MySQL, allowing advanced users to get the most out of their webspace.
  • How do I secure my desired domain with 1&1?

    As a domain hoster, 1&1 offers the Domain Checker tool – a convenient way to check if your desired domain and extension are still available. From here, you can secure your desired domain in just a few clicks before it gets snapped up by someone else. If your domain is already taken, you can check for other attractive alternatives on the Domain Checker.
  • What are the advantages of choosing 1&1 as a server hoster?

    With 1&1, customers can easily configure their desired server step-by-step according to their individual needs. Depending on the server option selected, you can easily scale system resources in real-time while the system itself is still running. This allows users to flexibly adapt storage capacity and computer power according to their respective requirements; in order to compensate for peak loads for example. If you require less power, you can also adjust it dynamically. As a server hoster, 1&1 ensures both fast access times and complex security measurements, and only charges for the services that are actually used.
  • How secure is 1&1 as a webhost?

    With 1&1 as your webhost, you are opting for modern security technology that reliably transmits encrypted data and protects against hackers and cyber-attacks. Unless requested otherwise, 1&1 stores your data at state-of-the-art servers across the US that adhere to US data protection regulations. Additionally, extensive backup functions secure your data and with georedundant infrastructure, customers can enjoy the highest level of failure protection and maximum accessibility. In case a server fails, one of the other 1&1 servers will spring into action – without any loss of data or time.
  • What does 1&1 offer as an e-mail hoster?

    With 1&1 basic or business e-mail, you can avail of professional e-mail communication with up to 25 mailboxes for just a small price. Each mailbox provides up to 50 GB of ad-free storage space and 2 GB additional online storage as a central repository for managing documents. With real-time synchronization, mobile-users can access their mailboxes while on the move. Included in the range of functions is an individual mail domain and practical features that facilitate task management such as team access to contacts, appointments and documents. Spam filters and premium protection are of course a standard inclusion when opting for 1&1 as your e-mail hoster.