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  • How can I access my webspace?

    You can easily upload data to your webspace via FTP. All you need is an FTP client, such as FileZilla. You can easily configure all the necessary settings using the 1&1 Control Centre.
  • What can I do with my webspace?

    Webspace from 1&1 affords you and your website a wide range of possibilities:

    One click installation

    With our Click & Build Apps you have the ability to easily install various CMS apps, such as WordPress, Drupal and TYPO3, as well as other web apps – all with just a few clicks.

    Manual installation
    What's more, you can upload and install a variety of web applications to your webspace, such as forum or blog systems. All you have to do is upload the data via FTP from your computer to your 1&1 webspace before the installation, and you can get started.

    Expert features such as PHP, MySQL databases and SFTP
    Thanks to webspace features like PHP and MySQL databases, you can set up and use dynamic web applications at any time
  • What should I look out for when selecting a webspace deal?

    Webspace is the place in which you store your data on the 1&1 server and make it available on the Internet. So when it comes to choosing the right webspace deal, you should bear in mind how you plan to use your webspace. Anyone who wants to host lots of images on their webspace will also need a certain amount of storage space. Many providers limit the amount of storage space in their deals. 1&1 only limits the storage space in the smallest 1&1 package – meaning you can enjoy more space in all our other webspace packages.