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Are you looking to make your website more international? Is your desired .com domain already taken? Pre-register for a .web domain as a great alternative solution to a .com domain. For many webmasters, the .com domain remains highly prized due to its apparent sense of authenticity, validity and its international nature. In the same way, .web domains like www.harrison.web, www.solicitors.web and www.finance.web appear authentic, trustworthy and global, helping you to attract serious visitors and appropriate traffic to your website. Check online today at 1&1 if your desired .web domain is available and pre-order your new top-level domains with no obligation before they will be taken!
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Do you wish you had secured a better domain earlier? Could your current domain be improved? Or are you looking for a clearer, more concise and more memorable URL? There could not be a better opportunity to improve or perfect your branding strategy than with a new, on-trend domain. With simple, clear and easy to remember domains available like www.business.online, www.shoestore.web, and www.traveler.web, not only will your site appear more reputable to potential visitors in search engine results pages but visitors will remember your URL, allowing them to return and recommend your site more easily whilst helping to increase the traffic to your site.
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There is simply no reason not to pre-order your preferred .web and .online domains with 1&1 today. Use the new top level domain check with 1&1 if your desired domains are still available, then simply pre-order your top-level domains with no obligation or associated risk. With 1&1, domain name registration is simple and straight-forward, and you will be kept fully informed about the latest news and updates regarding your relevant domains. In pre-registering for top-level domains you literally have nothing to lose, whilst not registering leaves you seriously at risk of losing out to your competitors. Protect your current position today by securing your .web and .online domains with your company/website name. Then decide later if you want to go through with purchasing the domain or not – you won't regret it!
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.web domain

  • Why should I register a .web domain?

    With the release of hundreds of new top-level domains just around the corner, make sure you are not left behind by the competition and secure your preferred top-level domains with 1&1 today! Show customers and readers that you are on top of online trends and that you are at the forefront of your particular market. With .web anticipated to become one of the top international domains, there is no better way of keeping on-trend than getting a .web domain for your website at 1&1. No one wants to visit outdated websites, so be sure to show your potential visitors that your site is current and relevant to them with a new top-level domain!