1&1 PrestaShop
12 months
$0.99/month1then $6.99/month
  • Easy and efficient With our PrestaShop hosting you are only a few clicks away from setting up your own store system with a variety of configuration options.
  • Smart management Manage multiple stores in different languages and different currencies using only one tool.
  • Individual design Choose from more than 1,200 themes and design your store exactly the way you imagine it.
Unlimited Plus
Unlimited Pro

Suitable for small online shops who handle up to 500 visitors and 3 orders per day¹

Suitable for medium-sized online shops who handle up to 1,000 visitors and 8 orders per day²

Suitable for large online shops who handle more than 1,000 visitors and 8 orders per day³

12 months
$0.99/month1then $6.99/month
12 months
$4.99/month2then $9.99/month
12 months
$8.99/month3then $14.99/month

1&1 Online Store systems at a Glance

The free online store – for the experienced programmer
  • PrestaShop is available as a Click & Build app as part of the web hosting packages
  • A large community provides innumerable extensions and updates
  • Free and individual design options for your own online store
  • Available in 65 languages, making it ideal for international teams
  • Suitable for experienced store operators, who know which tools and features they need and are able to set these up without assistance
All-inclusive package for beginners
1&1 Online Store
  • Independent online store that is easy to install and set up without programming knowledge
  • Over 100 industry-specific, customizable design templates
  • Depending on the choice of package, a number of functions and features are at your disposal to varying extents – ideal for beginners and advanced users
  • The 1&1 Online Store is updated regularly in accordance with regulations and rules
  • Optimal presentation on all mobile devices
To the 1&1 Online Store

PrestaShop Hosting

  • What are the tariff options for downloading PrestaShop?

    PrestaShop is available in all of our web hosting packages, although the starter package is less suitable for the store platform as it only allows for the use of one 1&1 Click & Build application. This limitation does not apply to the unlimited offers, like the Unlimited Pro package, which guarantees the full hardware power of 2 GB RAM and any number of databases. Even during high usage, this option ensures your online store will run smoothly, constantly perform well and have short loading times.
  • Which version of PrestaShop is available from 1&1?

    If you have decided to use PrestaShop as a Click & Build app from 1&1, you will always receive the current version—installed and configured to match your online store. With 1&1 you will always be up to date. Additionally, your system is backed up daily so that in the event of a data crash, you can easily restore a current version. PrestaShop also offers you the option to download older versions or a developer version. Should you encounter any problems, the 1&1 technical support team is happy to assist you around-the-clock.
  • How does PrestaShop differ from Magento?

    PrestaShop and Magento are both open source eCommerce programs that allow you to set up a professional online store. Both allow you to customize your store to match your image with additional features and add-ons; however, PrestaShop provides over 25,000 plugins compared to Magento's 1,500. Compared to Magento, PrestaShop aims to make installing and setting up your online store quick and easy and makes customizing your shopping cart a breeze. While Magento requires some programming knowledge, PrestaShop can be used by beginners and experienced programmers alike. This makes PrestaShop a great choice for small to medium business, as it can be run by anyone and the hiring of a programmer is not required. Day to day, PrestaShop is easier to handle and more affordable than Magento.
  • Is there a PrestaShop demo?

    Your online store is the face of your online business, so choosing the right software is vital. Of course, before you commit to something so important, you want to know exactly what you are committing to. That is why there is an easily accessible PrestaShop demo version available online. This demo will give you an idea of how PrestaShop works, what it will look like once your own online store is live online, and give you some inspiration for how to design it. The demo version can be viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones to give you an idea of how PrestaShop looks and adapts to a variety of different devices. Not only will you be able to see what your customers see when they access your online store, you can also explore the behind-the-scenes area and view the PrestaShop sellers dashboard, which provides you with all the information about sales, shipping and orders you need to run a successful online store.