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Outlook inclusive

E-Mail Address with Outlook
and Office 365 from 1&1

  • Professional e-mail address includes Outlook mail
  • Anywhere, anytime access your emails using the Outlook mobile app on your smartphone
  • Stay up to date With 1&1 you always have the most current version of Outlook in Office 365


Mail & Microsoft Office 365





OfficePremium Plus

2 GB

15 GB
+ Microsoft Outlook Web App

50 GB
+ Microsoft Office Online

50 GB
+ Microsoft Office Online incl. software download
starting at

$1.99/monthfor 12 months, then $3.99/month per user
starting at

$2.99/monthfor 12 months, then $4.99/month per user
starting at

$8.99/monthfor 12 months, then $12.99/month per user
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Microsoft Outlook 2016

Outlook as you know and love it – always current, always available.

Use 1&1 E-Mail with Outlook

With 1&1 the choice is yours – either use our classic e-mail packages with Outlook via IMAP or POP3, or profit from our business packages with Office 365 and Outlook powered by Microsoft. Depending on the package, you will receive web-based Outlook with your e-mail address or the complete Office 365 package for the devices of your choice. Use Outlook for Android or iPhone, on your computer, laptop or mac. Of course, you will also profit from our competent expert support – no matter which package you opt for.

Outlook for Android, iOS and Windows – anywhere, anytime.

With Outlook Office 365 or Outlook on the web you work more flexibly and productively – even on the go. Thanks to countless apps Outlook email can be used from mobile devices on iOS, Android and Windows. Synchronize your e-mails, contacts and calendar and profit from the comprehensive sharing options – share your data with your team or family and sort e-mails according to priority. Thanks to our extensive inboxes and additional online storage, archiving large amounts of e-mails is no problem. With your 1&1 e-mail and Outlook you can read your e-mails from any location and write new messages to stay in touch with colleagues, friends and family at all times.

Stay on top of e-mails with Outlook

We live in a fast paced, mobile world – we get on the train or in the car for business meetings, crossing cities, countries and even continents, but still want to be available to our families or get on top of work while we travel. Meanwhile, our e-mail inboxes are overflowing while we rush from one appointment to the next, with no time to read and respond to important e-mails. Wouldn't it be great to take a deep breath in these moments and focus on what is important

Organize your e-mails and appointments more flexibly and efficiently:
Wherever you are, with Outlook and Office 365 your office is always with you. Your e-mails are at your fingertips, whether on a PC, Mac, laptop or Android and iOS smartphone. Access the Outlook mail server from anywhere in the world with the mobile device of your choice.

New features like the "focused inbox" or innovation like "@mentions" give you the option to really focus on the most important tasks – sort and filter your e-mails in your inbox according to priority, or use the useful "@mentions" function if you were assigned a task or your feedback is needed.

With Outlook you stay on top and get time to breathe – even in stressful situations.

Increase your Productivity

Profit from the perfect combination of professional mail domain, our extensive inboxes, and Outlook Office 365 to always stay on top of important messages and appointments. Be flexible and up-to-date even on the go – depending on your package you work with your own Outlook, web-app or native Outlook mobile apps for your smartphone. Thanks to maximum compatibility, countless sharing and synchronization options and an intuitive interface your productivity knows no bounds. Rely on our know-how and trusty Microsoft software for maximum e-mail comfort.


  • How are the individual versions of Outlook different?

    There are many different versions of Outlook. The classic version gives you the e-mail client included in the Microsoft Office package, for example, with Office 365 you also receive Outlook 2016. This bundle also includes apps for almost all devices, giving you Outlook for iPhone, Android, mac and pc. Aside from the 365 subscriptions service packages, other Office packages with licenses for only one version of the software are also available. The Outlook with Office 365 option on the other hand ensures that you are always working with the latest version.

    Additionally, Microsoft also provides practical Outlook web apps, which are also known as Outlook on the Web (OWA). In contrast to the traditional Outlook versions they allow you to check and send your e-mails without installing a separate e-mail client on your device, giving you access to your e-mail, calendar and contact from anywhere in the world using the browser on your device.

    With regard to the range of functions there are no significant differences – all versions incorporate the most important core functions of Outlook. The user interface of OWA has also been adapted to the interface of the client. Only the Office applications can't be accessed using OWA – these are only included in the complete Office packages.
  • How do I get an Outlook e-mail?

    Our business e-mail packages include Outlook with your individual e-mail address. Simply choose your 1&1 package and simultaneously profit from a professional e-mail domain and the efficient e-mail client, which we provide in cooperation with Microsoft. The advantage for you: 1&1's years of expertise as an e-mail provider and software that has been perfected over many years by Microsoft promises increased productivity, every day.
  • What are the advantages of Outlook / Office 365?

    Outlook is one of the most popular e-mail clients worldwide. With Outlook Office 365 you get efficient software for all your e-mails, contacts, calendars and files, plus the entire Microsoft Office Suite. A further advantage of Office 365: you will always have the most current version – on every device.

    This allows you to profit from maximum flexibility, as you can work from your browser or the Outlook web app, on Android or iOS devices and from your computer or laptop. Finish tasks on the go, whenever and wherever you find time for them – write e-mails, manage your appointments or share files with your team. Thanks to continuous updates and new innovations you are ready to face any future challenges with Outlook and Office 365.

    With 1&1 you also benefit from our 24/7 expert support to help you with setting up your e-mail and Outlook, or answer any other questions you may have. Plus, our inboxes come with lots of storage to allow you to manage a large numbers of mails.
  • Can I use 1&1 e-mail and Outlook for my business mails?

    Of course! With the professional 1&1 e-mail with individualized domain and extensive inboxes, as well as Outlook software you are well equipped for any business tasks. Of course, you can also manage any business appointments using Outlook mail with Office 365, share and send files with your colleagues, assign or receive tasks – your productivity knows no bounds.

    With just a few clicks you can manage your business signature and save it for any future e-mails. Depending on the package you will also receive the corresponding individualized mail domain from 1&1 – so your company's online presence is sleek and professional.
  • Can I view my private e-mail with Outlook 2016?

    Yes. Outlook 2016 as included in Office 365 is an efficient e-mail client, which allows you to send and receive business and private e-mails. Simply install the e-mail accounts of your choice and you're ready to send and receive mail from the device of your choice. Should you need any help setting up your private e-mail address with Outlook, just contact our competent 1&1 expert support. Of course, you can also benefit from our knowhow for any other questions you may have about our packages and products. In accordance with our 1&1 principles one call is enough to connect you with an expert.