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The 1&1 solution for on-the-go professionals

Microsoft Office 365 for
Android and iOS

  • Office 365 mobile: Work productively from all your mobile devices wherever you are, using an app or with browser-based web applications.
  • Always stay up-to-date with 1&1: You are continually provided with updates and always work with the newest version of Microsoft Office 365 on Android, iOS, PC or Mac.
  • 1&1 expert support: We are happy to answer your questions and are ready to help at any time.



OfficePremium Plus

All Office applications

All Office applications
+ E-mail + Skype for Business
starting at

$5.99/monthfor 12 months, then $8.99/month per user
starting at

$8.99/monthfor 12 months, then $12.99/month per user
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Microsoft Office 365

Access your office software from anywhere with 1&1

Office 365 Mobile

Making Your Office Tools Available Everywhere

We live in a world that is in constant motion. Working remotely from a smartphone or tablet is becoming increasingly more central to the way we work. With 1&1 you can work effectively on the go and work when and where you find the time. Simply setup Office 365 on your Android devices, iPhone and iPad, or on your computer at home. You will receive your complete Microsoft Office package as a download for PC and Mac, along with the online and mobile version for maximum flexibility. The Office 365 Android App and Office 365 for iOS are, of course, included in this package. Additionally, you receive Office 365 for iPad and iPad Pro. Thanks to the web-based online version you can even work from friends' and colleagues' devices – no installation, simply access your work from a web browser.
Top Service

Automatic Upgrades and
1&1 Expert Support

With Microsoft Office 365 you don't have to worry about upgrading your office software: You automatically receive the newest version of 365 and are optimally prepared for the future. This means you always work with the most current version of Office 365.

Additionally, our expert support is available to you round the clock, seven days a week. Our specialists can help you to install the Office 365 mobile apps on your devices and provide competent answers to all your questions.

No matter whether you want to install Office 365 on Android, or if you have a question about the Office 365 iPhone app – 1&1 can help you at any time.
Ensuring your files are always with you

Online storage included

With the included online storage, Microsoft OneDrive ensures that your documents, tables and presentations are always available. Access your saved data from any device – create a table with Office 365 during your train journey, save it to the online storage and complete it on your computer from the comfort of home. No need for external memory devices like USB sticks! This saves you valuable time and makes working more flexible and convenient.

Microsoft Office 365 for Android and iOS

  • Which operating systems and devices are supported?

    Microsoft Office 365 can run on numerous current operating systems and devices. On Android devices you can use the Office 365 mobile apps from the KitKat 4.4 version and onwards. The only requirement is that your device must have an Intel-x86 or ARM based processor. Office 365 for iPhone or iPad requires iOS 8.0 or for iPad Pro iOS 9.0 or higher. What's more, you can install Office 365 on devices with Windows 7 or higher and Macs with OS X version 10 or higher.

    The browser based web application on the other hand does not even need to be installed: simply continue working from your browser – on-the-go and without installing the mobile app.
  • Which Office applications are available as an app?

    With Office 365 you can access the most important applications on-the-go, as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive are all available. This allows you to work on your documents, tables and presentations from your smart phone or tablet and then save them to OneDrive – all within the known and trusted Office interface. This means that you can access your files easily from all devices and can keep them up to date, wherever you are. Office 365 mobile devices make external storage solutions like USB sticks, SD cards or external hard drives a thing of the past.
  • How can I use Office from my smartphone and which tariffs contain mobile apps?

    There are two options for using Microsoft Office 365 on Android and iOS smartphones.

    The first is through the use of Office 365 mobile apps, which are included in our Microsoft Office 365 Business and Business Premium tariffs. Simply install the desired app on your phone and get to work on your documents, tables or presentations and save them in your OneDrive.

    The second option for using Office on your smartphone is to use the Office 2016 online version, which is also included in our Business and Business Premium tariff. As it is a web application, it requires no installation and you can get started immediately using your browser – provided you have a working internet connection. If you need help with the setup of Office 365 mobile apps, simply contact our customer support.

    As usual, our 1&1 principles apply: one call and you are speaking to an expert.
  • What is the difference between the free Office apps and the business versions?

    The business versions of Office 365 contain the complete range of Office services, including corresponding OneDrive storage. Although the free Office apps do offer some of the basic functions, like viewing and editing documents, tables and presentations, the business options offer many additional premium functions that are locked in the free version. This includes the option of viewing changes made, or editing the header and footnote of different pages, which are important functions if you work in a team or want to create professional handouts for client appointments or university seminars.

    The premium functions allow you to work on a professional level, any place and any time, giving your documents, tables and presentations a finishing touch. Furthermore the business version of Office 365 provides more options for saving your files, like the OneDrive cloud storage solution for businesses. The mobile Office 365 business apps eradicate the limits of working away from your desk and the need for compromise. Should you find yourself with a deadline fast approaching, or on the train to meet a client with a presentation that still needs to be finalized, use Office 365 to turn your smartphone into your mobile office.