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Microsoft Exchange Hosting
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Hosted Exchange and Outlook

Easy and efficient teamwork anytime and anywhere

Teamwork made easy with Exchange email hosting
With hosted Exchange email, working as a team could not be easier. Microsoft Exchange runs in conjunction with Outlook, ensuring a familiar, user-friendly interface with unbeatable functionality. With emails, calendar appointments, contact details and tasks all managed from one central location, you and your team are always up-to-date and on the same page. What's more, the cloud-based nature of Exchange Online guarantees anytime, anywhere access—be it via desktop or mobile, in the office or while traveling. Users can also access their accounts offline, meaning that crucial information is always close at hand.
Enhance collaboration and boost performance
Efficient business relies on seamless communication, and this is exactly what collaborative groupware like Microsoft Exchange has been designed for. A hosted Exchange solution fosters inter-team cooperation whilst eliminating the need for technical maintenance—taking business productivity to a whole new level. With all data safeguarded and stored within the Microsoft Cloud, businesses can rely on steadfast server performance and around-the-clock access to crucial emails and tools. Together with Outlook, Microsoft Exchange simplifies communication and streamlines everyday operations.

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Microsoft Exchange Hosting

  • What is Microsoft Exchange?

    Microsoft Exchange is a professional email software solution, complete with collaborative tools that can be managed centrally from one single location. Emails, contacts, tasks and appointments are all stored on a server rather than being downloaded to individual computers, meaning that multiple users can access this information at any time, from any device. This is especially useful for businesses where seamless communication and efficient teamwork are paramount. There are different ways of using the Microsoft Exchange software; it can be installed on your own server in-house, or used as a cloud-based service which is hosted offsite by Microsoft. The in-house option can be costly to set up and requires a certain amount of technical know-how. A hosted Exchange solution may be more feasible for small to medium businesses without their own IT infrastructure. In both cases, the Microsoft Exchange software integrates seamlessly with Outlook and comes with a whole host of useful features—including task management, anti-virus and spam filters and data loss prevention, as well as the email and calendar functions.
  • Is hosted Exchange the right solution for my business?

    For small to medium businesses, hosted Microsoft Exchange tends to be more time and cost-efficient than the in-house usage model. With the hosted option, the Exchange software is used as a cloud service so there is no need to set up and manage your own servers. Everything is hosted and managed by Microsoft—including security updates and data protection—so once you have Exchange up and running, you can focus solely on your business. Hosted Exchange is ideal if you want to enhance communication and collaboration within your team but don't have the time or resources to run the software in-house. A further advantage of using Exchange as a cloud service is that all data is housed in Microsoft's geo-redundant servers, eliminating the issue of server downtime and ensuring your emails are accessible around the clock. For a secure, low-effort and cost-effective email service, hosted Exchange is the ideal solution.
  • How does the subscription model for Exchange Online work?

    When opting for hosted Microsoft Exchange, you have the choice between a one-off purchase and a subscription model. The subscription model is effectively an all-inclusive solution; you pay a fixed monthly fee which covers everything, including all the necessary access licenses. Of course, all server maintenance and security updates are handled by Microsoft on an ongoing basis so there is no need to budget for this on top. On the other hand, a one-off purchase requires a larger financial investment upfront, with the possibility that further technical costs may arise in the future. The subscription model ensures a fixed, predictable monthly rate with no unpleasant surprises—making it easier to budget and plan ahead. For small and medium businesses in particular, a monthly subscription may therefore offer a more practical, secure solution.
  • How will Exchange boost productivity in my company?

    As a collaborative groupware solution, Microsoft Exchange comes with a whole host of features that can help to boost productivity within your company. Unlike traditional email services, Microsoft Exchange centralizes everything for maximum efficiency. As all data is stored in the Cloud, you and your team have access to emails, appointments and tasks at any time, from any device—be it in the office, from home or while traveling. This maintains a constant flow of communication, keeping everyone up-to-date and in the loop. Users can view and edit tasks, access their address book and exchange emails around the clock. At the same time, with a hosted Exchange service, all security updates and server maintenance are taken care of by Microsoft, eliminating the issue of server downtime. Seamless communication streamlines day-to-day operations and makes teamwork simple, thus ensuring maximum productivity for your business.
  • What resources are freed up by hosted Exchange?

    When using a hosted Exchange service, the Microsoft Exchange software is accessed via the Cloud—eliminating the need for an in-house server. For smaller businesses that do not already have the required IT infrastructure in place, a hosted Exchange solution cuts out hefty setup costs. You effectively rent the server space from Microsoft whilst benefiting from all of the software's collaborative tools and features. Furthermore, all subsequent server maintenance and security updates are taken care of by Microsoft, saving you and your IT department considerable time and effort. Essentially, the only resources you need in order to use Exchange hosting are the software itself and a device through which to access it—be that a desktop PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Anti-spam and anti-malware come fully integrated, so your inbox already has all the protection it needs. Hosted Exchange is a hassle-free way to boost collaboration without extensive hardware and resources.