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  • 1&1 SSL Starter

    • GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium
    • Protection for one domain name
    • Domain Validation
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • $500,000 loss coverage
    • Green Browser Address Bar
    • Easy to activate on your website
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  • 1&1 SSL Starter Plus

    • GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Wildcard
    • Protection for one domain and an unlimited number of subdomains
    • Domain Validation
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • $500,000 loss coverage
    • Green Browser Address Bar
    • Easy to activate on your website
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  • 1&1 SSL Business

    • GeoTrust True BusinessID
    • Protection for one domain name
    • Organization Validation
    • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
    • $1,250,000 loss coverage
    • Green Browser Address Bar
    • Protection against phishing
    • Display the trustworthiness of your business
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Protect your customers' data

Show your visitors their data is secure!

Privacy builds trust

For business websites, eCommerce services or wherever customer data needs to be entered, it's important to provide a certain level of data protection. The responsibility of securing customer data begins with their initial contact. The majority of customers today will not provide personal information to you if they are unsure whether their data is safe from unauthorized access.

Security from the start

An SSL certificate lets visitors to your website know that the data they submit is encrypted. Identified by the "https" in the address bar, this indicates that all information will be sent by secure socket layer (SSL). Secure connections offer a distinct competitive advantage over websites that do not utilize encryption, and protect against data theft and abuse.

Fast and easy

A 1&1 SSL Certificate can be set up with just a few clicks in your control panel.The digital verification (validation) is accomplished easily online, with no tedious paperwork or forms. Once you have loaded your newly completed certificate on your server, your website will have up to 256-bit encryption!

Security expertise from Symantec

With over 30 years experience in computer and Internet security, Symantec is the pinnacle of competence when it comes to powerful security tools. With Symantec as a partner, we give you the leader in standard SSL security at your fingertips. For years, the brands GeoTrust and RapidSSL have been the best in certificate management and confidence on the Internet.

Be found better with SSL

The world's leading search engine, Google, rewards website owners for the responsible handling of their customers' data.

Give your Google search results a boost

With an SSL certificate, you not only secure the traffic on your website, but you also gain a direct advantage in your search engine ranking.Websites with SSL protection are rated higher in the search results on Google than listings without this security measure, and have an up to 5% better placement!

FAQ about the topic:

SSL Certificate

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a security protocol that conveys your communications over the Internet in an encrypted form. SSL encoding is commonly employed by eCommerce websites to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal data. SSL certificates ensure that information is delivered to the server for which it was intended, without falling into the hands of third parties who could tamper with the data. You'll recognize sites that have a SSL certificate by the URL https, rather than the unsecured http, plus the padlock icon that appears in your browser's address bar. 1&1 offers QuickSSL certificates for your domain, read on to find out why ordering a SSL certificate is the right choice for you.

  • Should I order a SSL certificate for my 1&1 website?

    Ordering a SSL certificate is a great way to bolster your website's reputation with customers and search engines alike. Getting SSL validation from 1&1 is quick and offers complete security for your online transactions – meaning you won't have to worry about third parties getting a hold of your data. You may find a SSL certificate particularly useful if you run a web shop or eCommerce site, since you can protect your customer's credit card and other financial information from fraudsters. As a rule, however, any website can benefit from the enhanced security and stellar reputation associated with the SSL protocol.

    Moreover, you'll find that having a SSL certificate is the foundation for building a trusted online brand - recognized by customers and the Google search algorithm as a reputable website. When completing transactions over the Internet, online shoppers trust the https URL and padlock symbol over the unsecured http URL. With an SSL certificate from 1&1 you can inspire the highest level of trust in your customers. That means you can confidently sell products or services in an online shop knowing that each of your transactions is secure.

    Since websites with SSL certificates only transmit sensitive information to your domain's server – in an accurate and unchanged form – you'll feel as reassured as your customers. SSL certificates can prevent unnecessary security breaches from occurring on your site that could cost you time and money to fix. At 1&1, we believe investing in the security of your domain is always a good idea. Luckily, with 1&1, securing an effective and cheap SSL certificate for your website is quick and as easy as pie.

  • Can a SSL certificate improve my website's Google ranking?

    The best thing about ordering an SSL certificate from 1&1 is that it will make your website more popular with customers and search engines. The SSL certificate is recognized by Google's algorithm as a seal-of-quality and assurance, meaning your website will appear higher up in the search engine's results compared to unsecured websites. This means that you will enjoy increased traffic to your website from customer's searching for your services on Google – all you need to do is show them that the security of their sensitive data is your priority. It's easy and quick to get a cheap SSL certificate for your website with 1&1 that will get noticed for the right reasons online. So if you are concerned about the reputation of your website or online business, and want to increase the visibility of your site on search engines, then SSL certificates are the right choice for you.

  • What kinds of SSL certificates are there and what are they used for?

    There are three basic types of SSL certificates to choose from: domain-based certificates, organization-based certificates and extended validation-based certificates. Choosing the right certificate for your needs depends on your website; its size, function and type. The validation process for obtaining a particular SSL certificate is different depending on the level of encryption your website requires. The SSL certificates from 1&1 give you and your visitors peace-of-mind across the board. No matter how small or large your website or eCommerce business, 1&1 has a tailor made certificate to meet your needs. But before you order your SSL certificate with us, get a handle on the different types of certificates available:

    1) Domain based certificates are the most common and easily obtainable type of SSL certificate. They are appropriate for small websites, blogs, forums, and Intranet or mail servers. They can be obtained through an email-based validation process. In this case, the requesting individual verifies that he or she has control of a domain by clicking on an activation link sent to them via email.

    2) Organization based certificates are suitable for online shops, company websites or Webmail since they offer a higher level of encryption during sensitive transactions. The validation process here requires documentation to verify the identity of the person ordering the certificate, in addition to the email verification described above. These documents might include bank statements or proof that your company is registered legally.

    3) Extended validation based certificates employ the most rigorous validation criteria – and also offer the highest level of encryption. However, these certificates are only dispensed to websites found in a public registry, which means they are most often used by public authorities. They are the most easily recognizable type of SSL certificate, since a domain's web address is highlighted in green in a browser's address line. In this case, the requesting entity must prove their identity over the phone in addition to providing signed documentation.

  • What kind of SSL certificate is available from 1&1?

    The SSL certificates at 1&1 are domain based, which means they are quick to validate and secure. In just a few clicks, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of having ironclad certification for your online transactions. We offer QuickSSL certificates from the certification institute GeoTrust – the second largest provider of SSL certificates in the world. Your certificate from 1&1 is enhanced with powerful 256-bit SSL encryption, providing your domain with the highest level of security available. Thanks to our world-class SSL certificates, you can conduct your online business with ease and confidence knowing that sensitive information entered into your website is secure. Displaying the GeoTrust seal on your site sends a clear signal to your customers that their security is your priority – just as it is with us at 1&1.

  • How do I buy an SSL certificate for my 1&1 domain?

    Depending on the hosting package you purchased with 1&1, you may already have an SSL certificate. If not, you'll find that alongside 1&1's affordable hosting packages, you can always boost your website's reputation by ordering a surprisingly cheap SSL certificate with us. You can obtain the perfect domain-based SSL certificate for your website from the 1&1 Control Center today. Simply log into your control center and pick the domain you wish to get certified; from here you can choose to add a variety of extra features to your hosting package. Choose 'get SSL certificate' and you'll be taken to our online shop. Once you've ordered your certificate, our team will start the validation process. You'll be informed about how to activate your new SSL certificate in an email sent to the address associated with your domain.