A Dynamic Root Server from 1&1

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Rent a root server suited to your project and budget

A Comprehensive Root Server

If you want to take charge of your IT infrastructure, then renting a root server from 1&1 is a step in the right direction. You can structure your own root server from the ground up depending on your individual requirements. For instance, we make it easy for you to manage your projects based on the unique performance capabilities of your root server. With us, you have the freedom to allocate applications according to the processing power, memory and disk space of your server, allowing you to maximize performance for your projects.

Full Administrator Privileges

At 1&1, you can enjoy full administrative privileges with one of our dedicated root servers. Start by choosing the operating system you want to work with: We offer Windows versions or a Linux root server. Whichever root server you choose from us, we only power our servers with green energy! In addition, our experts ensure the security of our servers at all times. We save your data spatially and in virtual redundant form, plus we use security measures to protect our servers from power outages or other disturbances. In either event, your server will continue to operate.

Should You Rent or Buy a Root Server?

Dedicated servers are expensive, so many of our customers choose to rent a cheap root server rather than purchasing their own. A rented root server features the same level of performance as a private option, only at an affordable price. We also give you a variety of options when it comes to the type of server you wish to rent; these can be rented for the period of time you like and configured according to your needs. There are no hidden fees associated with renting a server from 1&1 – you'll enjoy transparent pricing alongside a powerful root server. Our team of experts also take charge of maintenance and any unexpected repairs that may arise at no extra charge to you.

No Minimum Contract Period

Small to medium sized companies in particular can benefit from the freedom of designing their own IT architecture with minimal financial risk. That's helped by the fact that 1&1 requires no minimum contract period. That means companies or agencies can adapt their infrastructure at any time, based on real-time changes, without incurring any penalties. Renting a cloud-based root server with by-the-minute billing is another popular option due to its flexibility and fair pricing.

Diverse Root Server Options

1&1 has the server solution to meet the scope of your project. For example, signing up for a virtual root server lets you rent the specific components you need from a larger infrastructure, meaning reduced server services and limited web applications don't have to spend big to benefit from a high performance root server. We offer competitive monthly pricing for our virtual and dedicated root servers. These monthly contracts give you flexibility, while our by-the-minute billing plans for cloud servers offer you even greater control over your costs.

Cloud Root Servers – Greater Flexibility

At 1&1, a dynamic cloud root server is one of our most flexible options. It gives you the freedom to choose the processing power, scalable memory, and disc space you need without getting locked into a long-term contract. When plans change, we'll simply keep your project in sleep mode for six months on our dynamic cloud root servers, so you can come back to it when you're ready. Additionally, we also offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for those who plan to offer larger web applications or hosting services.

FAQ: Root Server

  • What is a root server?

    Root servers are suited to professional web hosting projects that require significant resources. Companies and professionals often choose to rent a root server when they need to launch complex projects on a large-scale. This type of infrastructure normally requires a sound level of technical knowledge to be operated successfully. So, renting a root server is a preferred option for those who wish to take control of their IT architecture from the ground up. The configurable dedicated root servers from 1&1 put these capabilities into your hands. That means that as an administrator, you can design your own infrastructure while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having 1&1 technicians handle maintenance, security, and the setup of your root server. You'll benefit from the flexibility of your root server to host a variety of applications, from FTP-accounts to web pages and beyond. The majority of root servers run on Linux. As an OS, it is preferred for its resistance to crashes and limited resource use, plus its unique ability to handle data transfers and data storage. But 1&1 also gives you the option to rent Windows root servers alongside Linux root servers. The choice is yours.
  • What are the benefits of renting a root server?

    Root servers are exceptionally flexible. An administrator can maintain and operate a root server from anywhere. In fact, depending on your settings, a Linux root server can be accessed through a mobile device or tablet. This allows you to restart or make changes to your server, add updates, and conveniently manage your data on the run. Root servers give businesses and professionals comprehensive management over the maintenance and security of the server, depending on requirements. You're free to run any number and type of applications on a root server – we ensure it is secure in our data centers.
  • Why rent a root server from 1&1?

    As the administrator of a root server, its management, uses, and settings are up to you. In addition, because it allows you to run a variety of applications from one server, how you configure and use it is up to you. Companies could build their entire IT infrastructure on a dedicated root server, while private users might use theirs to host an online game or as an FTP-server. Whatever your needs or experience level, 1&1 has a root server configuration and pricing plan that's the right fit for you and your budget. You can even sublet your root server or use it to host services of your own. At 1&1, it's your choice!