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The way most listeners discover music is changing thanks to the internet revolutionizing the music industry. Music aficionados can now discover a whole range of independent musicians and bands themselves by surfing online. For budding musicians, now is the time to take advantage of showcasing your music to the world by pre-reserving a .music domain at 1&1. With .com being a popular domain to choose, the option can be expensive or, even worse, already taken. Now, 1&1 can help you state the purpose of your website in a clear and concise URL with examples including, or

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The time is now for you to take the stage by sealing the moment and setting yourself apart from others in the music industry. Allow 1&1 to add instant professionalism to your online profile as new .music domains will have your website stand out from the long list of other music websites. 1&1 now provide a diverse range of new top-level domains waiting to be registered, all relating to .music, like .band or .guitars if your business or profession happens to be in that field. But this secret won't last forever. With internet trends catching on quickly, you should act quickly to be one of the first to register a .music top-level domain, specially tailored for your website.

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Thankfully, the internet has made it easy for musicians to upload and share their tunes on social and music networks. But the best way to be seen is still by having an additional website of your own, so fans and listeners can find out more information about the music you produce. From biographies, discographies and tour dates, be sure to have all the information on a website that has an easy and memorable new top-level domain. In addition, when registering a 1&1 .music domain, people visiting your website will know instantly that music will be the primary content displayed, which will also allow for an accurate reading of interested viewers in your traffic results. So not only is this new top-level domain for musicians but also for music bloggers and magazines.

FAQ: .music domain

  • How can I register a .music domain?

    Ordering a .music domain at 1&1 couldn't be easier. After checking to see if your URL is available on 1&1's domain check, all it takes is a few clicks to have your perfect .music domain registered. There is nothing to lose if you happen to have a list of combination ideas, as 1&1 allows you to pre-reserve .music and other new top-level domains for free. Until the actual registering process, there is no cost or obligation. And if you experience hesitation along any step of the way, there is a professional team of 1&1 hosting experts that can answer your queries 24/7. So what are you waiting for? Reserve a new .music top-level domain today!