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Is your business growing faster than your email solution? Upgrade to a professional solution with Exchange hosting!

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You can choose between a classic Microsoft Exchange package or one that in addition to Microsoft Exchange, also includes Skype, Office, and Norton Security.

Opt for OfficePremium Plus to maximize your productivity and optimize your business. With the full range of tools at your fingertips, your business can benefit from even more capabilities than before.

Get your colleagues and employees connected, keep your data safe, and upgrade your workday with all the necessary applications, and more!

Microsoft Exchange Hosting for All Your Business Needs

Your complete professional mail package: Exchange email hosting combined with Microsoft Office




OfficePremium Plus

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$1.99/monthfor 12 months, then $3.99/month per user
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$2.99/monthfor 12 months, then $4.99/month per user
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$8.99/monthfor 12 months, then $12.99/month per user

15 GB
+ Microsoft Outlook Web App

50 GB
+ Microsoft Office Online

50 GB
+ Microsoft Office Online incl. software download

Exchange email hosting explained

Microsoft Exchange is a comprehensive email solution for businesses, with various features to ensure a collaborative and high-performance working environment. Running Microsoft Exchange on a business's own servers can be time consuming, stressful and complicated.

With this in mind, 1&1 provides a hosted Exchange service that ensures the smooth operation of your professional email solution. Combined with Microsoft Office, the complete package provides a simple solution for small to medium businesses. Exchange server mail hosting offers the high level of functionality that businesses require.

Benefits of Exchange hosting

By having 1&1 host your business's Exchange package, you'll be saving yourself time and money. Exchange runs in conjunction with Outlook, allowing your team to communicate easily and effectively with the built-in email, calendar, appointments, contacts and tasks functions.

Ideal for small to medium size businesses, our exchange hosting requires no technical knowledge of server hosting, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business. You don't need an own Exchange Server – instead you can use Exchange Software as a Service, run on professional Servers in a modern Datacenter.

In-house vs hosted – decide what's right for your business

Once you've decided on Microsoft Exchange, the next step is to figure out the hosting option. While self-hosting Exchange on your business's servers may provide a certain amount of freedom to customize, it does however require an experienced in-house team, a significant time commitment and a large amount of funding during the initial start-up phase.

With exchange email hosting, users can expect minimal effort, premium security and a team of highly-skilled support staff to help with any queries. Cost-wise, self-hosting requires a large initial payment and various ongoing expenses, while the low costs of a hosted Exchange are all laid out clearly from the beginning.

Exchange hosting: the complete Office package

By opting for Microsoft Exchange hosting with 1&1, customers can benefit from the complete Microsoft Office package – depending on which package you select. Alongside Exchange, all Office services are available, such as Outlook, Skype for Business and the usual software included in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote).

Additionally, the cloud-based nature of exchange hosting ensures that your team has access to all the tools they need – any time, any place and on any device. Together with Outlook and Office, Microsoft Exchange simplifies communication and streamlines everyday operations.

Hosted Exchange and Outlook

Teamwork made easy with Exchange email hosting

With hosted Exchange email, working as a team could not be easier. Microsoft Exchange runs in conjunction with Outlook, ensuring a familiar, user-friendly interface with unbeatable functionality. With emails, calendar appointments, contact details and tasks all managed from one central location, you and your team are always up-to-date and on the same page. What's more, the cloud-based nature of Exchange Online guarantees anytime, anywhere access—be it via desktop or mobile, in the office or while traveling. Users can also access their accounts offline, meaning that crucial information is always close at hand.

Enhance collaboration and boost performance

Efficient business relies on seamless communication, and this is exactly what collaborative groupware like Microsoft Exchange has been designed for. A hosted Exchange solution fosters inter-team cooperation whilst eliminating the need for technical maintenance—taking business productivity to a whole new level. With all data safeguarded and stored within the Microsoft Cloud, businesses can rely on steadfast server performance and around-the-clock access to crucial emails and tools. Together with Outlook, Microsoft Exchange simplifies communication and streamlines everyday operations.

FAQ: Microsoft Exchange Hosting

  • What is a Microsoft Exchange server?

    A hosted Exchange server is the mail service provided by Microsoft featuring various tools for interactive and collaborative communication. Ideal for small to medium businesses, the server can be hosted both on the company premises or Exchange can be used as a Service and be hosted off-site . By self-hosting MS Exchange, businesses must commit to the demanding and complex process of managing the server themselves. For small to medium businesses, Exchange hosting is recommendable as it not only minimizes costs, but also simplifies internal processes and is much more scalable. Combined with Office and Outlook, Microsoft Exchange is packed full of useful software like Word, Skype for Business, Excel and PowerPoint – all of which encourage a high performing and communicative workplace. As the email service is cloud-based, access is guaranteed 24/7; whether from desktop or mobile, in-office or at home, your team can enjoy unlimited access to their work.
  • What is the difference between Microsoft Exchange and Outlook?

    Microsoft Exchange and Outlook are often confused with one another and this is largely due to the fact that the two applications are running in conjunction with one another. Exchange is a messaging software that is run on the server and receives and stores emails. The Exchange server not only provides a mail service but also offers features such as calendars, contacts and data storage. Outlook, on the other hand, is a desktop email client and is part of the Microsoft Office package. Each team member can use Outlook in order to access their emails on the exchange server. Businesses usually configure Outlook with Exchange and sync up the two applications. Both Microsoft Exchange and Outlook operate together as a premium email handling solution used for high functionality in the workplace.
  • What is the difference between hosted Exchange and in-house Exchange?

    In-house exchange, also known as self-hosting, is when a business takes care of hosting Microsoft Exchange themselves. This is usually an option for larger businesses or companies with a large IT department to take care of the set-up, support, updates, security and maintenance. This process can be both time-consuming and costly, which is why many small to medium businesses opt for hosted Exchange, or in-house Exchange. This hosted solution means that a business's Exchange is hosted off-site by Microsoft. All that's required is a yearly or monthly subscription cost and Microsoft will take care of the rest. By opting for a hosted service, businesses can enjoy the utmost security with Microsoft, who ensure that all data is safely stored and protected. Additionally, your Hosted Exchange will provide round the clock service for all your queries.
  • What is the difference between Office 365 and hosted Exchange?

    There are two popular options for business email hosting: Office 365 and hosted Exchange. Both of these cloud-based solutions serve a similar purpose, but they differ in terms of the specific features on offer and the cost of the service. Hosted Exchange features an off-site server run by Microsoft, saving businesses the time and money spent on self-hosting. Microsoft Exchange is run in conjunction with Office and includes the usual software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype for Business. Office 365 on the other hand, is a package which consists of a lot more than the usual Microsoft features with extras such as Power BI, Yammer and Sway. While Office 365 comes at a very low price and no shortage of apps, Hosted Exchange provides a personalized experience to users and can be tailored to their every need. The round the clock support team are there if any issues arise along the way.
  • Who is Exchange hosting most suitable for?

    Hosted Exchange is most suitable for small to medium businesses. It requires a simple annual or monthly fee which can be budgeted for in advance. The other option, self-hosting, requires a large initial payment, additional fees and complicated management, which is not quite ideal for small businesses. With Exchange hosting, everything is managed by Microsoft: the set-up, updates, security and maintenance. Additionally, Microsoft provide round the clock service for any queries or support your team may require. Exchange email hosting encourages enhanced performance and collaboration amongst your team. It allows for teamwork to take place wherever and whenever you like. Microsoft Exchange is therefore the ideal choice for businesses that require a modern and cost-effective email solution befitting of a modern workplace.
  • What resources are freed up by hosted Exchange?

    By opting for Exchange email hosting, users can enjoy the many benefits of Microsoft hosting. First and foremost, the biggest resource saved by businesses is time. All server maintenance and security updates are taken care of by Microsoft. Without the hassle of self-hosting, and the complicated server management process involved with on-site hosting, your team will have a lot more time on their hands. Without a large and capable IT infrastructure in place, self-hosting can eat up a lot of time. Hosted Exchange also saves on cost: by avoiding the hefty initial setup fees of buying a server and placing it in the office, your business will simply have to pay the monthly or yearly fee of renting the server. Essentially, all the resources you need for Exchange Hosting are the software itself and a device through which to access it – be it PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Anti-spam and anti-malware come included, so your inbox will already have all the protection it needs. Hosted Exchange is a hassle-free way to boost collaboration without extensive hardware and resources.