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.com is the global online standard, and that's why every Fortune 500 company and the world's fastest-growing companies have a .com. Engage with a global audience with an address that is well known across the globe.

.com domain feature list

A .com domain at 1&1 includes the following features: - 1 email account with 2 GB mailbox space - 100 MB webpsace and 5 pages of website builder - 5 subdomains to structure your website - Advanced DNS management - Whois privacy is included - 24/7 customer support - A wide variety of domains, including new domains - Fast, simple domain setup - Secure your domain from hijacking risks with domain lock - Special offers for 1&1 customers


.com domain

  • Why should I register one or more .com domain(s)?

    More than 100 million registrations worldwide speak for themselves – clearly, the .com domain is the most commonly used domain extension worldwide. However, the address space below the .com extension is still far open for new registrations. Only very special Keyword-URLS are harder to find than before. The .com is a so-called Top-Level-Domain. Very early on, it was supposed to be used for commercial purposes (.com is an abbreviation for the word "commerce"). Today many domain traders and businesses extend their domain portfolio in order to protect their brand on the internet. They then turn not only the classic domain endings like .com, .org, .net or .info, but also use new domain extensions like .online, .shop or .tech.

  • If I already have a .com domain from a different provider, can I move it to 1&1?

    Yes. There are is a standard process for your domain name transfer. You can check out the the whole process in our help center. For any additional questions about your .com domain transfer (such as: how to transfer an expired domain, or how the waiting period between domain transfers works), you can find more information here.

  • What is the meaning of the .com domain?

    When the Domain Name System was implemented, .com was one of the first generic top level domains (gTLDs) created, and has since become the most popular. The .com domain meaning is simple: originally the .com suffix stood for "commercial", and was used by and to identify businesses online. The idea behind this was that TLDs would be used to categorize websites for users; this can also be seen in other purpose-designed TLDs such as .gov (government) .edu (education) and .org (organization), all of which are still in use today. However, as the internet became a global phenomenon, the .com domain meaning gradually lost its commercial significance and became the standard domain used by individuals and organizations everywhere—including many government departments and educational facilities. As a result, it has gained a reputation as one of the most respectable and trustworthy TLDs available. So, while the .com domain definition may no longer imply a commercial entity, it does significantly enhance the profile of a website.