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1 to 12 vCore Intel® Xeon® processors

2 GB to 32 GB RAM

50 GB to 360 GB SSD storage

Flexible, fast, and intuitive

The 1&1 Cloud Panel displays the interface and functions of the Kubernetes system in the simplest way. With the innovative smart administration, you can configure, scale, and update your individual Kubernetes cluster with just a few clicks. The clearly explained user guide lets you launch container-based applications quickly and easily.

All the advantages at a glance

High performance infrastructure
Optimal utilization of resources
Fast provisioning of Kubernetes clusters
Maximum DevOps productivity
First class operational performance
The efficient solution for container hosting
Persistent storage

A solution for everything

The Kubernetes-as-a-Service is the latest addition to the constantly growing portfolio of development solutions, helping you optimally control your processes up to the release date.
This gives you full flexibility, even when using existing services that you'd like to migrate quickly and easily.

Managed Cloud Nodes for your Cluster

To set up your Kubernetes-as-a-Service, select at least three nodes from the 1&1 Cloud Panel to set as your master and workers. The master organizes the orchestration of your containers and can also deploy containers as necessary.
You only pay for what you use: To-the-minute billing of your selected configuration, and after deleting the node the package price will be prorated to the minute.

Cluster Hosting

  • What is the difference between Containers as a Service (CaaS) and Cluster as a Service (ClaaS)?

    Containers as a Service is a form of "container-based virtualisation", also known as "operating-system-level-virtualisation". Containers as a Service is when a hosting service provider provides physical server hardware on which several isolated packages of software known as "containers" run simultaneously and independently of one another. They not only share the system resources, but also share access to the core of the host operating system, the kernel.

    Each container emulates its own isolated IT environment and works with its own virtualised version of the hosting operating system. The containers do not only run isolated from one another, but can also be moved, copied and allocated to other servers; the name "container" is derived from these properties. Applications, services and guest operating systems running within a container do not affect other containers or the host operating system (host OS).

    In comparison to classic server virtualisation, whereby virtual machines (VMs) are coordinated by a hypervisor (virtual machine monitor), container-based applications start much faster and enable highly automated management of IT environments. There is no need for a separate operating system for each container. Additionally, higher density containers can be placed on servers. This, in turn, enables the efficient and need-based use of computing power, saves energy and hardware, simplifies backups, and facilitates the speedy replacement of containers.

    Cluster as a Service on the other hand, is an extension of Containers as a Service: it is a development and hosting platform for container-based applications and services. Containers that belong to an application can be grouped into logical units, or clusters, and can then be managed accordingly. For example, ClaaS enables IT departments and developers to deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications and services in order to achieve business goals faster.
  • Which applications can cluster hosting be used for?

    Cluster as a Service has established itself as the standard in the development of IT applications. Thanks to high-performance infrastructure, ClaaS increases the efficiency of virtual (production) environments – as can be seen in design, simulation or data-supported science for example. Microservices can also be tested easily and inexpensively. With the help of cluster hosting and the use of reusable and modular software components, you can streamline operations and development processes, reduce the complexity of the required infrastructure, and facilitate quality assurance.

    Containers are based on a compiled Docker image and can therefore be created very quickly and transferred to almost any hardware. For example, developers who want or need to make sure that their software builds run identically anytime, anywhere. In container-based applications you can create identical containers with the same software equipment and environment (including operating systems, libraries, languages, versions, etc.) and thus create a uniform, consistent basis for repeatability and reproducibility. Cluster web hosting enables applications to be developed, tested and deployed faster and with fewer risks.
  • Why should I choose 1&1 as my Docker hosting solution?

    The term Docker hosting has practically become a synonym for container-based virtualisation but there are other alternatives to the open source project. Docker is a command line tool based on the "Libcontainer" programming interface. It can be used to start, stop and manage containers.

    Docker container hosting or Docker cloud hosting with 1&1 is quick and easy and comes with clear pricing. We offer a "safe haven" for your containers – a complete solution for managing heterogeneous cloud computing environments and controlling all your applications. Customers will have full access to containers and will be able to manage clusters independently. The necessary resources can be scaled according to your needs – both dynamically and independently for each individual container. With the intuitive control panel, you can create, scale and update clusters in just a few clicks, as well as control container engines, link services to one another and manage dedicated system resources. This way, you can increase the productivity and flexibility of your projects, minimise the infrastructure costs, accelerate resource deployment and simplify management. Our team of 1&1 experts will be more than happy to help you along the way.