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Developing apps

The exciting new world of app development has reinvigorated the software industry, creating a whole new platform in mobile operations. People understand that apps are about and for them – the user, not some corporate IT department. 1&1's new creation of the top-level domain (TLD) .app is designed specifically for this market. Despite only being around for a few years, the app market has grown at an unbelievable rate. It is also a developing and ultra-competitive market so if you are developing a great, new app, then it is vital to ensure that you land the relevant .app TLD to compliment it. Thankfully there are no costs to reserve an .app domain when going on 1&1's Domain checker. You will only be charged once you formally register your personalized .app domain so you can afford to move quickly.

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Shortly, customers will become aware of the .app domain and start searching specifically using this suffix when looking for an application. If you are looking for impacting ways to have your app stand out from the rest online, then purchasing an .app domain will certainly raise the bar in trend setting. Having a matching domain for your app is therefore a sound building block for your marketing strategy and help potential app users find you faster. This might be considered common sense but there is also room to be creative with the new domain. Think outside the box and see how this new 1&1 TLD can work for you as companies will no doubt rush to register 1&1 .app domains like, or to create entire new business models around specific domain names and niches.

For Devs and entrepreneurs

Your customers are used to using apps, reviewing apps and buying from app stores so it makes perfect sense to be consistent and keep up with technology trends by registering with 1&1 for an .app domain. Competition in the market leads to crowded segments. Many apps are similar to each other already, so it is absolutely vital to take the initiative by making sure that you protect your app by validating it with a website that has an appropriate TLD to have it stand out from. Because it costs nothing with 1&1 to reserve your .app domain, many developers will catch on to these TLDs soon as they start to develop a new application. Savvy developers and entrepreneurs will ensure that they don't get left behind, so make sure your perfect .app domain isn't taken by purchasing one for your application and website now!


.app domain

  • How can 1&1 help to secure my .app domain now?

    This new domain is targeted at the internet savvy application community as well as developers and entrepreneurs so it is easy to see how the best and common names will soon be bought first. If you are a developer or new business and thinking of creative angles to have your app stand out or discovered on the internet, reserve your 1&1 .app domain now before it gets taken by competitors. 1&1 makes the reserving and buying process quick, easy and affordable. In just a few clicks you can reserve an .app domain at no cost while you consider ideal names and alternatives. After a decision has been made, simply instruct 1&1 and the team will register your .app domain. Make sure to move quickly and secure domains for all the apps in your development pipeline.