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Create quotes and invoices quickly and easily

Whether in the office on a PC, or on a laptop, tablet or smartphone on the road, it has never been easier to create and track quotes and invoices, anytime and anywhere.

Online Accounting
starting at $4.99/month
Professional quotes and invoices
With 1&1 Online Accounting, you can easily and intuitively create professional invoices and quotes. Customer addresses and item descriptions are automatically entered from a clearly arranged list. In addition, you can conveniently create invoices either at home or on the move, all thanks to the automatic creation of quotation and invoice numbers.
Individual designs
Create quotes
Write invoices
All design templates can be customized and adapted to suit your company's style - including an individual logo. Existing templates and letter heads can be uploaded at any time.
Create and send professional quotes to potential and prospective customers with just a few clicks. All required information is automatically entered from previously stored data.

The intuitive and easy-to-use program allows you to create professional invoices which can be automatically converted to revenue surplus reports. All files can be sent with just a click of the mouse, saving you lots of time.

Print or send online
Down and partial payments
Cancellations and credits
Whether you want to print out your invoice or send via email, the choice is yours. Simply select either Print or Send and the rest of the process is automatically completed.
Down or partial payment options are also available. The invoiced amount is simply divided and split into several different partial amounts.
Create and send cancellations and credits with just one click, keeping your financial overview always up-to-date.

Complete overview of customer data

Information is stored on a clear and central database with access available anytime, from anywhere.

Customer base and documents always available
With 1&1 Online Accounting, index cards and excel sheets with addresses and telephone numbers are a thing of the past. Manage your customer contact details with just a few clicks - available and online at any time.
Central master data management
Clearly sorted
Securely archived
All customer, supplier and product information is managed in a secure, central location. Relevant data is automatically entered on the selected quote and invoice templates.

All quotes and invoices and customer history is displayed in an organized list and can be sorted and filtered at will.

All quotes and invoices are automatically saved and archived, meaning you can easily sort and filter into relevant lists.
Recurring invoices
Payment reminders and warnings
Immediate status adjustments
Create regular invoices through an automatic repetition tool, with all follow-up statements to be automatically sent out.
Payment reminders and warnings can be automatically generated and sent immediately.
Once an invoice has been sent to a customer, a new status is automatically created on the equivalent account.

More features of 1&1's Online Accounting solutions

1&1 Online Accounting
  • Digitally file and send documents directly with a smartphone
  • Manage your cash book online
  • Separate access for employees and tax advisors
  • Create and maintain an overview of costs
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1&1 Online Accounting
Inventory Manager
  • Up-to-date stock inventory overview
  • Write and dispatch delivery slips in seconds
  • Easily book stock entries and dispatches
  • Check customer and supplier prices
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FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

Invoicing software

  • Can I use the 1&1 invoicing software to create professional invoices online?

    Yes. With the online billing software from 1&1, creating invoices is a walk in the park. In just a few clicks, your invoice is complete. The intuitive interface allows you to create invoices quicker than by hand, and with fewer errors—if any required information is missing, such as the tax code, the program will let you know. It should be mentioned that the sales tax rate in our software is set to 19% by default, so be sure to double check with your professional tax consultant when preparing an initial invoice that the rate is correct for your state. You only need to enter the data once; from then on, the invoicing software will fill out the required information automatically. For example, customer addresses only need to be entered once as master data, which is then stored and used for recurring invoices. This way, you don't need to repeat the entry process every time, allowing you to save time and energy for your core business instead.

    If you want to turn prospects into customers, you need a professional and compelling offer—which you can create just as quickly and easily with the online invoicing software. Don't let the next customer pass you by; convince them with your offer.

    You can use the software to create professional invoices from anywhere—whether you're at home, at work or on the move. You can also access your personal account from any device; with the invoicing software, bookkeeping is totally flexible and location-independent.

    What's more, the billing software from 1&1 powered by sevDesk always generates consecutive invoice numbers—meaning one less thing to think about. When it comes to identifying invoices, sequential invoice numbers are a must. Errors can easily occur when generating these by hand, and not without consequence. With the online invoicing software from 1&1, you can be sure to avoid careless mistakes with regards to invoice numbers.

    Small businesses and freelancers also need to promote themselves: communicate your name or your brand continuously to make sure that your customers recognize it. Professionally designed invoices are an opportunity to advertise. With the 1&1 invoicing software, you can design your invoices yourself: the letterhead, logo and layout can all be customized according to your taste. No specific design skills are required—thanks to the intuitive interface, you can handle the process quickly and easily. As always, we recommend that you have a professional tax consultant look over your initial invoice to ensure absolute compliance with the law.
  • What are the advantages of the online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers?

    There are many advantages to using the 1&1 invoicing software online, such as the integrated post interface. This enables you to send your finished invoices directly by post without having to print them, put them in an envelope and post them yourself. If you want to send your invoices by email, the invoicing software helps you to complete your email automatically with the invoice as a PDF attachment. Simply click send and your invoice is on its way. Of course, you can also download the PDF file to send the invoice yourself or keep a copy for your records.

    If you want to export important files, the online billing software from 1&1 enables you to send your files in either CSV, PDF or ZIP format. Again, don't forget that the sales tax rate is set to 19% as standard – if this is not the correct rate for your state, you can easily adjust it. If you require more assistance finding out what sales tax rates are applicable in your state, please consult your professional tax consultant.
  • Can I use the invoicing software to cancel invoices?

    The accounting program not only makes it easy to create invoices, you can just as easily cancel them too. With the invoicing software, you can cancel and rectify any incorrect invoices in just a few clicks. Then, all you need to do is send the relevant cancellation invoice to the customer. Thanks to the software's simple and intuitive usability, you save considerable time and stress.
  • Can the online invoicing software be used on different devices?

    With the 1&1 accounting program powered by sevDesk, you benefit from total flexibility—regardless of whether you need the invoicing software for Mac or Windows. The software is also available as an app for iOS and Android, allowing you to create invoices on your smartphone or tablet.

    Take online billing into your own hands with the invoicing software from 1&1. If you have further questions about the online software, contact our expert hotline.