Quick and easy warehouse management

Plan, control, and manage your inventory movements efficiently. No matter whether you're processing orders and shipments or managing inventory levels - 1&1 Online Accounting makes it easy!

Online Accounting
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Supplier and goods overview
Enter your supplier, goods and service information once to save in a central location with easy access whenever you need. The tool also allows you to send delivery notes quickly, book incoming and outgoing shipments and to keep an eye on supplier and purchase prices at anytime.
Stock inventory
Create delivery slips
Book stock entries and dispatches
Supplier management
The Inventory Manager software provides users with a complete overview of current stock levels. The overview shows all articles, including purchasing and sales prices, which can be sorted or filtered with just one click. Inventory lists, including existing quantities and item overviews, can be easily printed.
With the Inventory Manager software, delivery slips can be quickly and easily created. Once it's delivered, warehouse stock levels are automatically adjusted and an invoice can be generated based on the delivery slip.
Thanks to the Inventory Manager software, the booking of incoming and outgoing deliveries is extremely easy. Access is provided in just a few clicks. Shipments are made automatically via departure postings and can be tracked later at any time, while stock levels remain clear and correct.
Create and link new suppliers and their listings with just a few clicks. The product overview shows suppliers, products, individual prices, inventory, and other details, ensuring you receive a complete overview. All messages as well as contact data can be viewed within the contact history section.

More features of 1&1's Online Accounting solutions

1&1 Online Accounting
  • Send quotes and invoices with just one click
  • Individual quote and invoice templates
  • Overview of customer data
  • Convert quotes to invoices with just one click
  • Automatic sending of reminders
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1&1 Online Accounting
  • Digitally file and send documents directly with a smartphone
  • Manage your cash book online
  • Separate access for employees and tax advisors
  • Create and maintain an overview of cost centers
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FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

Inventory software

  • Does the 1&1 inventory management software give me an overview of my inventory?

    Yes. With the 1&1 inventory management software, you can keep an eye on your inventory at all times. Detailed inventory lists and product overviews are, of course, among the core functions. With the smart search function, you can quickly and easily navigate your way through even the most extensive inventories. You can sort your items by category, for example, or use the software to filter your inventory by specific products. You can also use the search function to find certain customers or invoices. At the same time, you can always view the purchase and sale price of each item, and the entire booking process for each product is just a click away. You can print the most up-to-date version of your inventory and product overviews whenever you need to.

    Inventory management can be handled just as easily; add notes and/or tasks to each item, and write and send professional electronic delivery notes and legally compliant invoices in a matter of seconds. Your warehouse management software will automatically update your inventory when you sell or acquire stock.
  • Can I use the 1&1 inventory management software to manage suppliers and customers?

    Yes. With the 1&1 inventory software, you can manage both suppliers and customers in a detailed, systematic and clear fashion.

    • Suppliers always in sight
    With the inventory management software, you can assign each product in your inventory to the relevant supplier in just a few clicks, together with their contact details and the gross and net purchase price. New suppliers can be added just as easily. This way, you can always keep track of who is delivering which items and when—even with the most complex inventories. You can also access all saved messages throughout your contact history with the relevant supplier at any time.

    • Your client list is always to hand
    With a digital record for each client, you can keep all relevant transactions and data in sight at all times, no matter if you're in the office or not. Simply enter your customers' address and contact details, and the inventory management software merges them into a clear client list for convenient management of your customer base. With the 1&1 inventory management system, you can also create professional quotes and invoices in just a few clicks. These are then automatically assigned to the relevant client, enabling you to keep track of all transactions. The integrated search function also helps you to quickly locate customers, invoices, products and more at any time, and to filter by category if necessary.
  • Can I create delivery notes with the 1&1 inventory management software?

    Yes. Thanks to warehouse inventory management software, creating delivery notes is extremely easy—all it takes is a few clicks. The system refers to the master data you have saved for each customer and uses it to automatically fill out all the required information. This is how you create and send delivery notes for your products in just a few seconds—even for different items. What's more, the inventory software automatically adjusts the stock levels of the product concerned, saving you even more time. The electronic delivery note also paves the way for easy invoicing, which you can also handle in a matter of seconds with the 1&1 inventory management software—with absolutely no need for time-consuming typing.