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What is an FTP server and what are the advantages?
An FTP server, or File Transfer Protocol, serves as an intermediary between multiple computers in different locations and facilitates the transfer of all file types. FTP servers offer a number of advantages in terms of security and speed that make transferring and sharing data easy—ideal if you are a website owner. This means the content saved on the server can be easily transferred across the web. All you have to do is enter your details and then download some FTP server software to access your FTP server.
FTP servers available with 1&1
Benefit from a free FTP server with 1&1 and see your professional web projects come to life! All of our server packages allow access to a simple FTP server, in addition to access to a web server - helping with the seamless management of your site. Thanks to this, you get a clear overview of all your data and files, streamlining your workload from start to finish. Choose a 1&1 server with fast FTP access and benefit instantly from improved performance.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FTP server

  • When is it recommended to use FTP server software?

    If you want to manage a resource intensive site, such an eCommerce store, the hosting packages or 1&1 servers with free FTP storage are ideal for you. They guarantee freedom of administration, while still providing high speed and performance. In today's professional world, FTP servers are essential: they enable you to work faster—saving you precious time. An alternative is 1&1 MyWebsite, ideal for people just starting out or those who simply want to create a blog or display website - these do not normally require the use of FTP servers.
  • How do I access my free FTP server?

    To help simplify the configuration and administration of your server, when you choose a hosting package or a server with 1&1, you will also have access to an FTP server. You can find FTP server software for file transfers available to download online at no charge. This software serves as an intermediary between your computer and your server while providing you with an array of tools designed to help with the management, updating and security of your data online. But best of all, this FTP server software provides simple, fast, and reliable transfer of data.
  • Can you explain how to setup an FTP server?

    To configure your free FTP server go to your 1&1 dashboard and click on Secure FTP Access and then Secure Shell (SSH). Enter your password and your username will be automatically generated. Once you have done this, download some FTP server software. FileZilla is the most well-known; it's simple and easy to use. Cyberduck is also a dependable choice. These are available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. All that's left to do then is enter your server address as well as your username and password to connect your free FTP server.