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  • E-mail addresses to match your domain
  • Ad free
  • Mailbox space expandable up to 50 GB
  • Real-time synchronization and mobile access to all data
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The e-mail solution for small businesses and individuals

A comprehensive e-mail solution for businesses

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    • Additional space for centralized file storage

    • Additional space for centralized file storage

    • Calendar

    • Events

    • Contacts

    • Tasks

    • Document management

    • Centralized file storage

    • Rights management for workgroups

    • Access your e-mail from anywhere with Mobile Sync

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Frequently asked questions about the topic:

Create an email address with 1&1 Mail solutions

  • How do I create an email address with 1&1?

    Using the 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business packages to create a new email address is easy and takes no time at all. Simply head over to the 1&1 website and click the Sign Up button to begin the registration process. First, you will have the opportunity to create your desired domain name which will provide your email address, and any subsequent website you wish to set up, with a unique and exclusive domain name that identifies you and only you. You can also register any additional domain names you wish to use in conjunction with your domain name extension.

    The next step to get an email address involves registering your personal and business details with 1&1. From here, 1&1 will take care of the rest – giving you more time to build your web presence and create a brand that truly reaches out to people. Once completed, you can access your email settings and accounts from any web browser with the 1&1 Control Panel or through our dedicated mobile app, enabling you to create your own email address at any time while you manage any associated resources or account settings. Start the registration process today and enjoy a host of powerful features from 1&1 Mail Basic and 1&1 Mail Business.
  • What features can I expect with a professional email address from 1&1 Mail Business?

    1&1 Mail Business offers users many professional benefits compared with your average free email address. To begin with, any existing email addresses you are currently using can be seamlessly integrated with your new 1&1 email via our powerful Open-Xchange service that supports multiple email addresses from different providers. This feature will enhance the collaboration and communication between your employees for improved performance while allowing you to utilize your existing personal email addresses.

    Up to 5 mailboxes with 50 GB of storage space and standard features such as auto-responders and email forwarding are also provided when you create a new email address. The 1&1 Mail Business packages also offer users full web access through the Webmailer application. This feature enables you to read, write, and archive emails through your browser, wherever you may be. The easy to use interface also allows you to synchronize all of your data in real-time with the ActiveSync feature – the simplest way to ensure you are working from the same page. Finally, with 1&1 Teamdrive you will receive 2 GB (expandable to 2 TB) of shared storage space with administrative rights, giving you and your team the ability to collaboratively work on the same files with ease – perfect for increasing productivity and workflow.
  • Who can use an email address from 1&1?

    The 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business packages are designed for both private users, and users with smaller businesses. Offering fantastic value for money, with large capacities for professional applications, when you create your own email address with 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business, you will be able to assign email accounts to each of your employees or to different departments within your company. This means that you will benefit from a number of private mailboxes that can be managed individually or by an administrator.

    Each email account comes with 2 GB of data storage, giving you plenty of room for email archiving and online calendars. Personal users and business users will also benefit from a wealth of powerful website building features when you make an email address with the 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business packages. If you have the know-how, you can manage large date sets with the MySQL software, but for users with less experience in web building, 1&1 also offers an extremely simple and intuitive alternative with the 1&1 Website Builder –a user-friendly solution to website building.
  • Can I use the domain name found within my email address to set up a website?

    When creating a custom email address with 1&1, you will also benefit from a number of web building features that will allow you to link your email domain and your website. These advanced features will enable you to create a truly unique web presence that encourages your visitors to return again and again – helping your business or organization grow.

    By taking advantage of the 1&1 Website Builder, you can build professional websites without needing any previous programming knowledge or experience. Featuring a wealth of professional templates along with an intuitive drag & and drop interface, you can build a website to complement your email address in just a few simple clicks.

    When you sign up for your choice of email addresses from 1&1 you will also benefit from unlimited access to the 1&1 Control Panel for maintenance and administration of your website, along with a number of powerful online storage options for your data. 1&1 Online Storage offers you global access to your assigned 2 GB of data at all times and from any web browser.
  • How secure is my mail when I create an email address with 1&1?

    All of 1&1's features and services offer comprehensive security measures to ensure that your data is safe at all times. Thanks to 1&1's state of the art data centers, your new email address will benefit from the very best security, data transfer speeds and system protection in the industry. This is achieved by employing geo-redundant servers that store your information on separate servers in separate locations.

    For data transfers between client and server, 1&1 uses SSL certified encryption so that no third party gains access to the data associated with your email addresses. In fact, once you have set up your user names and password for your email address, the information will be accessible to you and you alone.

    Finally, with daily updates to our spam filter and anti-virus software, you can be sure that your custom email address is protected from any Trojans, spyware and malware at all times. So, for the very best in data protection, create an email address with 1&1 Mail Basic and Mail Business packages today.
  • Can I use IMAP with 1&1 email hosting?

    With email hosting from 1&1, each package features full IMAP support so you can easily retrieve your mail wherever you might be. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) allows you to synchronize your email across many different devices, including your computer, smartphone and tablet. You'll enjoy maximum flexibility in your ability to answer and organize your email while you're on the move or out of the office. At the same time you have peace of mind knowing that with 1&1 email hosting all your communication is safely stored on our secure servers.

    Email hosting with IMAP functionality also allows companies to set up multiple email accounts for employees and encourages greater cooperation through a simplified communication system. Each user can define their own settings within their preferred IMAP program on each individual device. This gives users greater autonomy, allowing them to use personal organizational systems that they are familiar with.

    Finally, 1&1 email hosting provides full webmail access to complement our IMAP functionality. This means that, should you be temporarily unable to access your usual devices, with our email hosting you can still easily retrieve your emails from any available web browser – the perfect way to ensure your important emails are always accessible.