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Blog creation made easy - 1&1 for beginners and professionals

1&1 MyWebsite - the perfect blog entry
1&1 MyWebsite is aimed at beginners who want to get initial results quickly and easily. With templates for industries and web apps, building your own website takes a few minutes and just a few clicks. Among these web apps is the "BLOG" app, which can be quickly integrated to your website, allowing you to create and publish your very own blog entries. The 1&1 MyWebsite blog app allows editing many aspects of your blog, such as setting different time zones or enabling/disabling the comments feature. Creating your blog is completed in just a few clicks and can also be managed while on the road with the iOS or Android app. With this app you can create posts with your smartphone, publish and manage your blog, and also moderate comments. 1&1 MyWebsite is the ideal introduction into the blogging world. Quickly and easily create your blog thanks to 1&1 MyWebsite.
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1&1 web hosting - Individual blog hosting for all uses
Web hosting from 1&1 is fully flexible. When you sign up, you immediately get access to webspace, allowing you to install various web applications. Depending on your own expertise, you can both install and configure these applications yourself, or they can be installed automatically with 1-Click installation. The advantage of 1&1 web hosting is that exotic blog systems can be installed and operated on your included webspace. Besides known CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, or Typo3, it is also possible to create a blog with Contao or Redaxo, for example. You have full control and can directly edit with the content management system, however, programming skills may also be beneficial. With 1&1 web hosting, you know you have made the right choice if you are looking for the greatest freedom when creating a blog.
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WordPress hosting - get started with the most popular blog creation tool
WordPress hosting is the middle ground between 1&1 MyWebsite and 1&1 web hosting. It combines the simplicity of the apps used in 1&1 MyWebsite with the flexibility of web hosting. With WordPress hosting you create a blog using the popular WordPress blog system in a few clicks. With another click, you can install recommended plugins and themes to get started. Plugins enhance your blog with useful features such as spam protection or contact forms. WordPress is completely free, and was developed in 2003 with regular updates included. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of usability, web standards, and easy adaptability. With WordPress hosting from 1&1 you are able to take advantage of this and join an established and popular blog system, while ensuring the security and maintenance of your software and server. WordPress blog hosting is suitable for anyone who wants to create a blog with WordPress without having to worry too much about administrative tasks.
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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Create a blog

  • Why does it makes sense to create a blog?

    There are several reasons for creating a blog. So many people use this digital platform to easily tell their friends what is happening in their lives. Others share their technical knowledge and establish themselves as experts within a particular field. Integration of advertising or affiliate links can also be combined within a blog to make money. Companies also use blogs to provide regular information to their customers or even include entertaining content.
  • How to create a blog with 1&1?

    Setting up a blog is not difficult. Generally, you need a content management system so that you can create and manage the blog. You also need web space and your own domain. With 1&1, you get everything you need in order to create your blog.
  • Can I use 1&1 to create my blog?

    With 1&1 MyWebsite, you have everything you need to build your online presence, including your blog. Take advantage of 1&1 MyWebsite and insert the blog app on your website. With WordPress hosting, you can also install your blog with simple 1-Click Installation. You will find plenty of freedom with our web hosting packages, and you can also access the 1&1 App Center from here. For each product you will find detailed instructions and 24/7 support.
  • What are the advantages if I create a blog with 1&1?

    With 1&1, the focus is on blogging, and you can use our blog app to easily create your blog and concentrate on your content publishing - 1&1 will take care of the rest. 1&1 looks after all of the hosting and ensures that your blog is always accessible, as well as providing you with your own domain name - everything you need for successful blogging. So, what are you waiting for? Your own blog is just a few clicks away.