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    • Additional space for centralized file storage

    • Additional space for centralized file storage

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    • Centralized file storage

    • Rights management for workgroups

    • Access your e-mail from anywhere with Mobile Sync

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  • What advantages does the cloud email offer that free providers don't?

    The offers of free email providers sound enticing to begin with, as they promise quick set-up inboxes; however, they offer hardly any configuration options, only allowing you to customize the local part – the part before the @ sign, of your email address. If your desired username is already in use, you have to resort to using numbers or symbols to create your email address, which looks unprofessional.

    Cloud mail from 1&1 lets you freely choose your complete domain so you can set-up professional inboxes for you and your employees. What's more, inboxes from 1&1 and the web mailer are completely free of ads, unlike those of free providers.
  • Can I access my cloud mail through Outlook or other email programs?

    There are various possibilities for accessing your emails in the cloud. The easiest is accessing the web mailer using the browser on either your desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone; the only thing you need is a working internet connection. Thanks to the uniform design, you will be able to navigate the menu and find all your emails quickly, no matter which device you are using.

    Of course you can also use your choice of email program like Outlook, Thunderbird and others to manage your email. The only thing you need to decide is whether you want to access your emails from an email program using all of your devices, or just from one computer. If you want access from multiple devices you should select the IMAP account type, for access from a single device POP3 is recommended.

    The respective set-up process varies from program to program. The 1&1 Help Center has a useful guide with pictures for how to install Outlook.
  • How can I protect my mail in the cloud from external attacks?

    Criminals try to gain access to your email account using malware programs, which are secretly installed on your device. For this reason it is important to make sure you have the necessary protection in the form of an antivirus program so this malware can be recognized early and receive the necessary attention.

    If you notice that someone has gained access to your account despite the protection, you have a number of possible courses of action. You could change the password for your cloud email using the control center, which is recommended in regular intervals for security reasons anyway. If you no longer want email to go to the account, you can suspend or completely close it by using the option to change your email address.
  • How do I protect myself from spam?

    Unfortunately, spam emails are very common. They are particularly annoying as they fill up your email account and make it hard to find important emails. What is more, they also occasionally smuggle malware into your inbox. Our cloud mail offers give you effective tools to protect yourself from unwanted or harmful messages. In the setting you will find the free spam protection from 1&1, which filters the majority of the mails with suspicious content or from a suspicious sender. Should you continue to receive spam messages, you can further alter the anti-spam settings in the web mailer and blacklist certain addresses; these are then automatically deleted.

    Sometimes accounts are hacked and then used to send annoying or harmful messages. Another scenario is that a spammer simply uses your email address, known as mail spoofing. The most effective way of protecting yourself from this is to regularly change your password.
  • Can I test cloud mail for free?

    If you are unsure of whether our cloud email services are suited to you, you can test it without any risk. True to our 1&1 principles, we give you the option to test our products for a month. If you are not satisfied or notice that the tariff is not optimal for you, simply cancel the contract within the first month. 1&1 will refund any costs that may have occurred and only charge you the proportional basic fee. The test phase begins with the first day that you use our services.