1&1 Bare Metal Servers Bring Cloud Flexibility to Dedicated Servers

The 1&1 Bare Metal Server is a new offering based on dedicated hardware technology. The 1&1 Bare Metal Server gives customers the flexibility of a Cloud Server-based billing model with no contract term, and complete peace of mind thanks to the dedicated hardware. Click here to explore the advantages of 1&1 Bare Metal Servers.

There are many different ways to configure MySQL to improve scalability or high availability (HA), with a lot of overlap between these two concepts. Learn how using MySQL Cluster with 1&1 Cloud Servers can be used as a solution to provide scalability, high availability, or both.

Learn how the 1&1 Cloud Server platform can help support and expand your TensorFlow project by running Distributed TensorFlow on a cluster of 1&1 Cloud Servers. Using a cluster allows you to increase training throughput by harnessing the computing power of multiple servers. Click here to read the use case.

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ContainerDays 2018

At ContainerDays 2018, the European container community will gather to discuss container technologies and tooling, cloud native strategies, and more. 1&1 will have a booth at the event, and Steve Mayne, 1&1 Lead Application Architect, will be giving a presentation. [...]  

PHP Use Case: Interact with a MySQL Database

This use case explores using PHP to interact with a MySQL database. Learn how PHP can be used to insert information into a MySQL database, manage MySQL records, and retrieve and display it on a web page. PHP is a good choice for this purpose, as it can be easily integrated with a website, and it has an extensive set of tools designed to work with MySQL. [...]  

PHP Use Case: Using the Laravel Framework

Read use cases for Laravel, including when to use Laravel, and what applications can benefit from the platform. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework designed for developing web applications using the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern. Laravel has a growing and active user base, and is highly extensible, with an active ecosystem of projects and plug-ins. [...]  

E-Mail Use Case: E-Mail Forwards

This use case explores different uses for e-mail forwards. 1&1 Mail Basic users can configure e-mail forwarding addresses from the 1&1 Control Panel, and use them to forward e-mail from one address to another. [...]  

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