1&1 Container Cluster Officially Launches

We have officially launched the 1&1 Container Cluster. This exciting new product combines the flexibility and processing power of a Kubernetes cluster, with the ease of use of setting up and managing a Cloud Server. Click here to learn more about the advantages and features available with the new 1&1 Container Cluster.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data privacy and protection regulation for European Union citizens. The regulation took effect on May 25, 2018, and affects any organization which collects or processes personal data of people in the EU. Click here to learn more about GDPR compliance for 1&1 customers.

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Use the SDK

This guide will show you how to programmatically use the 1&1 library to perform common management tasks also available through the 1&1 Control Panel. [...]  

Get the SDK

The 1&1 Ruby SDK is a Ruby gem designed for interaction with the 1&1 Cloud platform over the Cloud Server REST API. [...]  

Intro to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a container cluster manager which was developed by Google and released to the public as open source in 2014. Get an overview of what Kubernetes is, how it can simplify the task of managing a container cluster, and some resources on learning and using Kubernetes for your development or production container cluster. [...]  

Intro to Python

Python is a popular programming language which can be used for almost any purpose. On the 1&1 Cloud Server platform, most uses of Python involve creating web applications or managing scripts. Learn more about Python, and how to use it on the 1&1 Cloud Server. [...]  

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