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Cheap Web Hosting Services with 1&1

  • Which domain names are available with 1&1's cheap web hosting?

    At 1&1 we offer our customers highly customizable domain names. Web addresses are made of two distinct domains: second level domains and top-level domains (TLD). In the example, "1and1" is the second level domain and .com is the TLD. Our cheap web hosting plan offers flexibility in choosing both your second level domain and TLD. In addition to making your website memorable and helping your rankings, choosing a personalized TLD can localize your business or identify what type of business you are.Alternatively, if you already have an existing website that you would like to transfer over to the 1&1 cheap web hosting plan – you can easily do this. Once you've backed up all your important data, simply enter your current domain name into the search bar. You will then be asked to enter a code that your old provider will have sent you, and that's it!1&1 makes acquiring or transferring your ideal domain name simple.
  • What support does 1&1 offer with the affordable web hosting plan?

    We want your website to succeed. That's why when you sign up for our cheap website hosting plan you will receive access to a host of great services and features specially designed to help you on your way. Whether you're just starting out, or you're looking to move on to the next phase of your business model, 1&1 provides a wide range of industry-specific templates and layouts that are fully responsive and ready to go. Plus, when you sign up to 1&1's cheap website hosting you will gain access to a comprehensive catalog of powerful applications and web building tools. Located in the 1&1 Control Panel, the Click & Build feature allows you to tailor your website with ease. In addition to this, we also provide all our customers with round the clock support, seven days a week. Whatever your query, our trained team of dedicated specialists is on hand to advise you. That's how 1&1 makes high-performance, affordable website hosting a reality.
  • Which security features are available with 1&1's cheap web hosting?

    1&1 provides high-performance, easy accessibility, and maximum security. Unlike
    other affordable website hosting services, we are the only company to provide customers with dual hosting. Located in the US, our data centers are among the safest and most modern in the world. When you choose our affordable hosting services all your data will be processed in parallel from two geographically separate data centers. This means that in the unlikely event one center is interrupted, your website will continue to run smoothly. It also means that we can carry out maintenance without affecting your workflow, providing an extra layer of security. Add to this our SSL data encryption and firewall, and you've got everything you need to run your site with complete peace of mind.