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Bare Metal Server
Dedicated hardware on demand!

Single-tenant server with the best flexibility for cost-efficiency at the highest performance

Bare Metal Server

  • With the latest Intel® Xeon® E3 v6 Processors
  • Expandable with additional cloud functionality
  • Only pay for what you use - precisely
    to the minute
  • Ready to go in only 8 minutes
starting at $69.99/month

Bare Metal Server S

Bare Metal Server L

Bare Metal Server XL

$69.99/month$69.99 /hour
$99.99/month$99.99 /hour
$129.99/month$129.99 /hour
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Feature highlights of the 1&1 Bare Metal Server

Interaction with Cloud Servers

Interaction with Cloud Servers

The 1&1 Bare Metal Server can interact with virtual machines (VM) on a 1&1 Cloud Server on the same contract. It behaves like an extra VM, except it's located on dedicated hardware.
Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Spread out the traffic on your server; with just a few clicks you can reach a higher level of efficiency.


Before data reaches your server, all traffic is filtered through our central firewall within the networks of our data centers. For example,
DoS attacks are quickly intercepted within the network, meaning individual servers do not have to deal with any threats. The central firewall management function has been made available for this purpose. Firewall options can be changed to suit your needs.


Use KVM Console to access your server as if it was physically on your desktop.
Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Traffic

With the 1&1 Cloud Server package, there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Unlimited traffic is included and there are no data caps or throttling.


A convenient backup solution to secure your data. All backups are encrypted and stored in a physically separate data centre. Regular backups can be scheduled at specific times (e.g. every Wednesday at 3 am).
Shared Storage

Shared Storage

Shared storage is a separate hard disk that can be accessed by some or all of your servers. You can quickly create the appropriate shared storage rules in the Cloud Panel. Information is exchanged between your servers via NFS or CIFS protocols.
Full API

Full API

Take advantage of the fully documented application programming interface (API). You can carry out all available actions via the Cloud Panel or through third-party applications.

The 1&1 Bare Metal Server
isn't just "bare metal"

What is the 1&1 Bare Metal Server?

A bare metal server is a single-tenant physical server. It can be optimized at any time for performance, security, or reliability, depending on your requirements. The 1&1 Bare Metal Server can be ordered on demand, so cost-efficiency is always top priority. The operating system is installed directly on the server, which means that without extra layers, a higher level of performance can be achieved.

What makes the 1&1 Bare Metal Server so unique?

  • Perfectly compatible with other virtual machines -
    use cloud functionality with dedicated hardware
  • Straightforward administration thanks to the 1&1 Cloud Panel
  • Free 24/7 expert customer service

Bare Metal Server Comparison Table

Uses for the 1&1 Bare Metal Server

On-Demand Server
Virtual data centre

Short-term, on-demand server support

With the 1&1 Bare Metal Server, you can increase the computing power of your server infrastructure with short-term additional loads, for example for marketing campaigns or seasonal business. Fully operational in 8 minutes and can be deleted at any time - with minute-by-minute billing.

Dedicated hardware for your project

The 1&1 Bare Metal Server offers you hardware specially designed for you with maximum flexibility in terms of load peaks and functions. All server components are designed for professional, continuous use.

Latest processor technology

  • Newest Intel® E3 v6 Generation: Kaby Lake architecture from Intel® with significantly enhanced performance. Four cores and hyper threading offers you optimum performance reserves for your project at any time.
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Newest Intel® SSD hard drives

  • SSD hard drives from Intel® for the fastest performance. In comparison with HDD hard drives, access times are more than ten times faster.
Learn more

Just three steps to get your server up and running

1. Configuration
2. Provisioning
3. Ready
You can configure your server in our cloud panel in no time.
Within 8 minutes your server will be installed in one of our highly secure data centres.
Now your server is fully operational, ready for you to use.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Hans Nijholt1&1 Server Expert
More information

Bare Metal Server

  • What is a bare metal server?

    Our bare metal server offers you a physical single tenant server that combines the high performance and security of a dedicated server with the advantages of a cloud service – no fixed contract terms and billing according to usage.
  • How exactly does a bare metal server differ from a dedicated server and cloud server?

    The differences between the three types of servers are as follows:

    Bare Metal vs. Dedicated Server:

    The main distinction between a bare metal server and a dedicated server is the billing method. While a dedicated server involves booking the hardware for a fixed time, a bare metal server allows you to use dedicated resources for a fully flexible period of time. The smallest billing unit is one minute, but you can of course use your new server as long as you require. Bare metal is slightly more expensive than dedicated servers, owing to the fact that it offers you additional features and a higher flexibility in contract duration.

    Bare Metal vs. Cloud Server:
    On a cloud server, the computing power is shared between multiple virtual resources – should one of these vCores fail, another takes over automatically. This is not the case with a bare metal server, since it is powered solely with dedicated computing resources.
  • Which operating systems are available for the bare metal server?

    Among other possibilities, the following options are available:

    • CentOS
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • openSUSE
    • Windows 2012
    • Windows 2016
  • How does bare metal backup and recovery work?

    In order to back up and restore your bare metal server, you can access our comprehensive backup solution. Backups are fully encrypted, are stored in a physically separated data centre, and can be scheduled according to your specifications. Special backup solutions are also an option for customers with especially high security requirements.

    Note: You cannot create snapshots or perform a bare metal recovery with snapshots.
  • Who are bare metal servers suitable for?

    The bare metal product is well suited, although not exclusively, to the needs of the following customers:

    Software developers,
    • who seek better cost efficiency
    • who have high expectations for security and ease of use
    • who are innovative

    IT professionals,
    • who are technically savvy and wish to maintain an up-to-date environment
    • who require highly flexible IT infrastructure

    • who are highly conscious of the price to performance ratio of IT resources
    • who are looking for particularly powerful features
  • Does the bare metal server come with a domain?

    No, a domain is not included with the bare metal server package. However, you can add as many domains as you wish through your contract management.
  • How does the bare metal installation work?

    The installation of a bare metal server works in a similar way to that of a dedicated server, except it only requires 8-10 minutes to deploy, meaning you can access your ready-to-use bare metal server somewhat more quickly than a dedicated server. You can find further information in our Help Centre and contact our support team at any time for additional assistance.

    Note: The pre-installed apps from the 1&1 Cloud App Center are not available with the bare metal server.
  • What are the ideal uses for a bare metal server?

    Servers with dedicated resources are typically suited to customers who still lack confidence in cloud solutions. Because the server hardware is available only to you, you can avoid the so-called "noisy neighbor" aspect of shared hosting infrastructure. Using a bare metal server prevents third parties from gaining access to your data by compromising the surrounding infrastructure, which is crucial when especially stringent data protection is required, such as in the public sector. Furthermore, bare metal allows you to scale your IT infrastructure extremely quickly – which is not always the case with dedicated resources – and you can work with your own scripts when setting up additional servers. A server image is a prerequisite for this, as it will help you upgrade your infrastructure even faster. Finally, bare metal servers are ideal if you manage your IT resources using a large server farm. Using virtual resources in this way can result in significant cost advantages.