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Less paperwork and more time

The 1&1 Online Accounting package allows you to get away from the stacks of paperwork and spend more time
on the important things: customers, developing new ideas and above all, yourself.

Online Accounting

  • Send quotes and invoices with just one click
  • Automatically record and file documents with your smartphone
  • Check warehouse stock online
starting at $4.99/month1

Create quotes and invoices quickly and easily

Whether in the office on a PC or on a laptop, tablet or smartphone on the road,

with 1&1 Online Accounting, you can access back office functions wherever you go!

It has never been easier to create and track quotes and invoices, anytime, anywhere.

Quotes and accounting

Quickly serve customers and earn money

  • Send quotes and invoices with just one click
  • Individual quote and invoice templates
  • Overview of customer data
  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Automatic sending of reminders
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Effective accounting made easy

Handling administrative tasks efficiently and easily are two key factors to having a successful day at work. Would you like to be able to photograph and digitally file documents on the road with your smartphone? Sounds too good to be true?


No more overtime for the finance department

  • Digitally file and send documents directly with a smartphone
  • Manage your cash book online
  • Separate access for employees and tax advisors
  • Create and maintain an overview of costs
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Quick and efficient warehouse management

With 1&1 Online Accounting, you'll always have an up-to-date overview of your stock. Whether in the car, on the couch at home or during a visit to a supplier, you can quickly and easily book stock and inventory entries, view shipments, and display delivery notes.

Stock management

Warehouse management made easy

  • Up-to-date stock inventory overview
  • Write and send delivery notes in seconds
  • Easily book stock entries and dispatches
  • Check customer and supplier prices
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FAQs - Frequently asked questions:

Online Accounting

  • Which functions does the 1&1 accounting software powered by sevDesk provide?

    Are you self-employed and looking for a way to make your bookkeeping system easier? Whether you're a freelancer, startup founder or small business owner, we just have just the option for you – even if you have little knowledge of accounting. The 1&1 bookkeeping software is powered by sevDesk. It is a cloud-based software, so no extra software is delivered. It allows you to take care of all your paperwork anywhere you like. There are three options for your online bookkeeping: 1&1 Invoice, 1&1 Accounting or 1&1 Inventory Manager. Each option offers a different range of functions: 1&1 Invoice is the basic program, whereas 1&1 Inventory Manager is the fully equipped professional program. The functions included in each of the three options vary slightly. Have a look at the overview above in order to see exactly what each option entails and to choose which functions may suit you and your business best.
  • Can I write professional invoices with the 1&1 accounting system?

    Yes, absolutely! We recognise how important it is that your invoices include all of the required information. You can of course create invoices manually, but it may be quite time consuming. With cloud accounting software, you can create professional invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse. This way, you not only save on time but you also avoid any potential errors, as 1&1 accounting automatically detects any missing legal requirements or obvious mistakes. In addition, the bookkeeping software calculates the value added tax in accordance to the applicable tax rates and the respective amounts in just a matter of minutes. Data such as the customer's receipt or consecutive invoice numbers need only to be entered in once and then the 1&1 accounting system fills the rest out automatically for you. The bookkeeping system therefore saves you from spending too much time on tedious tasks. Accounting does not always have to take such a long time; opt for online accounting in order to focus your attention on your core business, where it's really needed.

    The correct legal information is crucial, but the visual representation of your company also matters. The design of your invoices is therefore an important aspect. With the 1&1 bookkeeping system, you can design your invoices yourself: layout, logo, and letter paper – everything can be individually customised.
    By choosing the 1&1 accounting software powered by sevDesk, you will benefit from an integrated postal interface, whereby you can send out your invoice via post with just one click. Gone are the days of buying envelopes and stamps and queuing in the post office to send off your invoice. For those who would rather send out an invoice via email, this is not a problem. A message will automatically be sent to your email address with a PDF of the invoice attached to it. All you need to do then is click "Send".

    If there are any open invoices, you can view these at a glance in the bookkeeping software thanks to the integrated bank interface. Through automatic invoice verification, the online accountant will show which invoices are paid and which are still open.

    Businesses do not always run smoothly – as a self-employed person you need a good basic knowledge of the dunning process. With the business accounting software powered by sevDesk, you can simply generate and send out legally binding payment reminders; this way, you'll give your customers a friendly reminder about their outstanding invoices, but with less effort and time.
  • How can I record my receipts?

    Online bookkeeping for freelancers and small businesses has never been easier: simply take a photo of all the receipts that are relevant to your business. This can be easily taken care of with the sevDesk app, available for both iOS and Android. When you take a photo with the smartphone app, it will automatically appear in your account. This practical function makes dealing with receipts a lot less complicated and ensures that none of them slip through the net.

    Using the online accounts software, simply scan all your documents and then use the drag & drop function to place these documents into your account.

    If you are looking for a program with automatic document recognition, then look no further. The 1&1 accounting software has a text recognition function that makes work even lighter; with the help of intelligent algorithms, the software will sort your receipts automatically. The program fills out important fields such as the date and value. You therefore do not have to worry about special circumstances such as guest invoices or hospitality receipts. Using integrated search masks, the 1&1 accounting software recognises all important information and records the documents accordingly.
  • Can I create different cost centres?

    Yes, it is possible to create as many different cost centres as you like. When you're working with a variety of projects and different departments, accounting can quickly become confusing. With the accounting software for small businesses and freelancers, you can view everything according to the different departments (for example: sales, marketing or production). Creditor and debtor account keeping can be quickly and easily taken care of.
  • How does online banking work together with the 1&1 online accounting powered by sevDesk?

    The days of flipping through individual bank statements are well and truly over. Simply connect your online bookkeeping software directly to your account. The 1&1 accounting software is supported by a great number of banks. As long as the two are connected, the software can recognise which incoming payments belong to which invoice. This way, you can quickly see at a glance which invoices have been paid and which are still open. Your customers or clients also have the option of settling up their bills directly via the 1&1 online accounting. The bookkeeping software takes care of everything that's important; you can save both time and money by connecting with your online banking.
  • What effect does an online accounting system have on the day-to-day of a small business?

    Online accounting with 1&1 saves time and energy for all involved. In particular, it makes work easier for freelancers and small business owners who often have no business partners or employees.

    Does the 1&1 online bookkeeping make revenue calculations easier?

    Online accounting has a positive impact on the comparison of your revenue and expenses: both lists are recorded and used as a basis for the revenue calculation, which highlights your company's exact profit. Based on your revenue and expenses, the 1&1 bookkeeping software automatically generates detailed accounting reports. You can also set the type of taxation you wish to have on your invoice – either actual receipts taxation or debit taxation. Actual receipts taxation is particularly suitable for freelancers, as it allows them to pay the tax after they receive their payments. Make sure to check which type of taxation you are entitled to in advance. Note: if you use the balance sheet accounting method, you can still benefit from using the 1&1 online bookkeeping powered by sevDesk.

    Uncomplicated cooperation with tax consultants:

    Working together with a tax consultant makes a lot of sense, especially for freelancers and small businesses, since 1&1 does not provide any tax advice. This way, you will have support at every stage and prevent any errors from occurring.

    1&1 bookkeeping software can provide your tax consultant with access to the account so that they can see all documents as and when they want. This saves both you and your tax consultant time. Note: if you do not want your tax consultant to see everything, simply reset your permissions. For example, you could allow your tax consultant access to all the invoices, receipts, payments and evaluations but not each specific contract. This allows you to protect data you want to keep confidential.
  • What advantages does the 1&1 accounting software powered by sevDesk offer for freelancers?

    1&1 online bookkeeping is software intended especially for freelancers and other self-employed people. Because it is cloud-based, users can access it from anywhere they like – simply start your browser, log in and get going! Desktop computers, tablets or smartphones: it doesn't matter which device you use.

    With 1&1 online accounting powered by sevDesk, we save you a lot of time and energy. The wide variety of functions are designed to make your bookkeeping as easy as possible allowing you to focus on your core business and do your accounting in record time.

    As well as saving you time, the 1&1 online bookkeeping ensures that you have an overview of everything. Open invoices, profits, losses – you'll always have everything at a glance with the help of the integrated dunning system. Provide your customers with a quick and friendly reminder that their invoice has yet to be paid. This method will ensure quicker payments and therefore a higher liquidity. Don't leave anything to chance!

    Many people feel daunted by accounting because of the various possible mistakes that can be made – this especially applies to freelancers and small businesses. In addition to this, there are plenty of legal issues to pay attention to. Thanks to regular updates, the program can quickly adapt to constantly changing conditions.

    Many accounting software users praise it for its digitisation of accounting transactions and for its reduced paper waste. The idea of a paperless office is fast becoming a reality – it's no wonder that workflows are improving.
  • Does the 1&1 accounting software work with Mac?

    Yes, of course. It's the perfect accounting software for mac.
  • Is my personal data secure?

    Yes, your personal data will be handled with the utmost care. Your data will be sent to one of our SSL-secured data centres where it will be safely stored. Regular back-ups also increase the security levels provided by 1&1 accounting software. At the end of the contract, 1&1 will delete the stored customer data.

    If you have any further questions about the 1&1 accounting software, please use the 1&1 expert hotline. We'll gladly help you further.