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Effective accounting made easy

Worry free. Uncomplicated. Automatic.

Online Accounting
starting at $4.99/month
Work more efficiently with automated accounting
The future of bookkeeping is here. Scan and capture invoices and documents via a drag & drop function. Document details are automatically matched and assigned with appropriate categories.
Mobile Scan
Automatic document recognition
Port to external shops
The special app photographs or scans documents and automatically saves them on your account.

Thanks to text recognition and intelligent software, fields on uploaded documents such as dates, invoice numbers and sales tax amounts are automatically recognized and subsequently filled in.
Invoices created with other online apps such as Shopify or WooCommerce are automatically recognized and sorted.

Your bookkeeping—taken care of

1&1 Online Accounting will handle your bookkeeping correctly, saving you time and stress, as you'll always know where you stand financially.

Automated collection and calculation
Automatic calculation of sales tax, based on receipts, accounts and cash books is completed with just one click. You are also provided with an overview of all credit and debit account payments, purchase dates, document numbers, amounts and sales tax totals.
Receipt of payment
Business overview
By linking your bank account with the 1&1 Online Accounting solution, payment receipts are automatically assigned and matched to the appropriate invoice. Outstanding invoices are easily identifiable.
The dashboard provides an overview of all transactions, incoming and outgoing invoices, revenue surplus reports, profit and loss reports and cash book details. Keep an eye on all invoices, recorded receipts, current payments and due dates, all of which can be downloaded as PDF files.

Quick and direct data exchange

Manage financial tasks beyond the normal accounting procedures, such as tax return statements or revenue surplus bills.

1&1 Online Accounting creates compatible files of incoming and outgoing transactions, which can be exported and sent to your tax advisor for further processing on their respective systems. Users also have the option of creating several employee accounts.
Team and interface access
Separate access and user rights management for employees and tax advisors. Coworkers can create invoices independently, no matter where they're located. Tax advisors have separate access giving them the option of viewing important documents such as invoices and reports.

Revenue and expense reports from selected periods can be exported and shared with tax advisors or auditors.

More features of 1&1's Online Accounting solutions

1&1 Online Accounting
  • Individual quote and invoice templates
  • Overview of customer data
  • Convert quotes to invoices with just one click
  • Automatic sending of reminders
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1&1 Online Accounting
Inventory Manager
  • Up-to-date stock inventory overview
  • Write and dispatch delivery slips in seconds
  • Easily book stock entries and dispatches
  • Check customer and supplier prices
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